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    Average opponent rank (geometric mean)

    Well, a bit but not by any important margin. You are talking the average being at most about 5 spots of ranking, or the difference of playing saying Busta Agut (25) or David Goffin (20) currently. It also doesn't account for any higher level players that maybe had dropped. If Nadal or Djo played...
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    TTW Official Meme Thread

    Few of my own creations:
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    Feliciano Transitioning

    I've enjoyed Felicino as a player, but he is one of those very dramatic guys and that drove me nuts.
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    Stosur’s Physique: Then and Now

    Stouser has been a good mdoel of fitness and hard work. She is also one of the most personable and charitable with her time in representing tennis. Her longevity is a testiment to both. Too many people look at title accomplishments over the quality of person/player they have to be a role model...
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    Average opponent rank (geometric mean)

    So essentially they all battled the same level opponents, unless you are a fanboi and want to split hairs over a few spots of ranking.
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    Tennis is not slower today

    Most people think that people disagreeing with them is unreasonable, no matter how decent what they post is so I get ya. I don't share a lot of the same group thinking and preferences, so more than discussion my posts are just personal thoughts for me. Response is not always expected. Then...
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    Anyone else have trouble "easing up" for students or lower level players?

    Agreed. I am working in better tactical practices too instead of coop hits, feeding kids or practices.
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    Tennis is not slower today

    Fixed. :cool:
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    Anyone else have trouble "easing up" for students or lower level players?

    For me my issues has been too much player hitting and ball feeding and not even competitive training and play. I get in matches and find I am hitting balls down the middle to "feed" shots instead of going for winners. Just the mentallity that sets in. When I try to go for shots I am missing more...
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    Anyone Else Love Playing Doubles?

    I like active doubles. I dispise slow, loopy, lobbing low level dubs.
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    Massu On Thiem: "Ask Dom To Do Something And He'll Do It – Just Better"

    Yeah, he is slacking currently at #4 in the world. Shame.
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    Tennis is not slower today

    The most interesting take-away for me in Fed's talk about how slow clay was back in the day, about how he did better on faster courts like Wimby, and how all courts are more even today is, if he did actually play better on faster courts and clay was sped up, he should have had a better record on...
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    Which of the following represents the highest clay level?

    Nadal is the undisputed highest level clay, so I assume you mean of the lesser clay players/matches/seasons who played better respectively. I think Fed 06 or Djo 11could be argued. Everything about 2009 clay was convoluted with Nadal not being there mentally and leaving doors open.
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    Does Novak Djokovic have the perfect build for Tennis?

    Two years ago there were a lot of players that looked like they trimmed down, both on WTA and ATP. Even Fed and Nadal looked slightly more svelt. But also, Kerber, Azerenka, Querry, Stan this year, etc. I don't think it is anything to do with Djo, but just the natural progress of finding the...
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    My rent went up $150 a month !!!

    We’ve been to Italy a few places and haven’t had many bad meals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk