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    Head Edge racquet

    Ugh, the name rings a bell but I just cant remember anything about the damn thing. I know my uncle used to have a few though.
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    Old school vs New school

    Im 15 and I hate all this new technology that they put in racquets now a days. I play with the Pc600 mainly and on off days I use my old premier tours but yes nothing can beat the feel of an old pure graphite racquet. Oh and I hit with a friends old revalation and I must say, damn that racquet...
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    4 1/4 gripsize?

    Yes, Just stick with tthe 3/8 and add overgrips untill it is comfortable for you.
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    FH volleys on head grips

    My premier tours are pretty decent on fh volleys, I just use a continental grip for volleys. I prefer the head grip shape to anyother though so I cant be of much help here.
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    Head premier tour

    I recently got two of them for 140. Was it much of a deal?
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    The ultimate snob poll!!!!

    I leaded all of mine up to 13.5, it took forever for me to get them heavy enough to be comfortable.
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    What's The Best Serve/volley Racquet?

    The slaz x-1 with hurricanes, is what works best for me, its no begginer racquet though.
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    How fast can you serve?

    I can get about 80 on my first and probibly 30 on my seconds. I never guaged my second serves when i borrowed a radar from my friend. Too busy trying to blast a good 100 mph serve. And i couldnt so it was really a waste of time.
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    pd+ or standard?

    Neither one, but if i had to choose i would pick the standard because i cant play with anything over 27".
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    which company makes the best grip shape?

    I like the slaz grip shapes, mainly because the x-1 is my holy grail.
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    How heavy is heavy?

    My racquet weights 13.5 oz i guess for todays standards thats reletively heavy.
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    question for Yonex User's......................

    I like the mp tour-1 mid, for me it can do anything.
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    what racquet do you use?

    Yonex mp tour-1 and the ps original 6.0.
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    Can I learn kick serve and top spin from books and videos?

    I learned everything from watching people play and from reading books about the game, so yes you can.
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    Best BABOLAT Racquet (In Your Opinion)

    I liked the pure storm the most with and extra oz of weight that is.