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    What to do? Back pain.

    It's going to sound crazy but I'd start stretching your hamstrings a lot. I found out the hard way your hamstrings pull on your lower back.
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    Am I Wrong About Switching?

    Hold on now...I agree with lobbing. I'm probably one of few that use it at 4.0 and 4.5(have to be a little more careful at 4.5 though lol). I though live by the "I can do it but you aren't motto). Which means I'm going to lob you but it's going to be a purposeful lob...not just lob for the hell...
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    Am I Wrong About Switching?

    Okay...I agree with that(partner going back).
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    Kim Clijsters is coming back! Again!

    I agree with most of what you said but what does the roof have to do with older players playing longer? Just curious.
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    Am I Wrong About Switching?

    JRB, Let me ask you this though. Don't you think that shouldn't be happening for 7 and 8 balls per point? Shouldn't something change at some point...especially if you are only winning half of the points or less? Just seems for a long 3 hour match when it could be cut in half...even at the 3.5...
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    Am I Wrong About Switching?

    These are's pretty common with them. So you have to put yourself in their shoes. Also, I think she plays 3.5...even more common. I just think at some point they need to learn to crack some overheads and play like a sagging defense where the net player doesn't stand right on top of the...
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    Any tips to joining my first USTA team?

    Yep...I know that situation well from other teams. What I found works is going out and kicking their @$$es in pickup matches before the season comes. That's the only way you get any respect. It takes 10 in most cases to play a league match. Try to be on a team when it's your first time where no...
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    Am I Wrong About Switching?

    I play it a little differently especially in mixed. My wife and I have a simple understanding that we move together. That one up and one back doesn't work for either of us at this point. So when a lob goes up we both go back....depending on how deep...and where they other team is we hit another...
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    USO 19: R.Nadal [2] Vs D.Schwartzman [20]

    I honestly had never seen the guy before....and I'm telling you...when they were standing in the tunnel waiting to come out...I thought he was kid to walk Nadal out like I saw in some other I was like..." who does Nadal play"....but he's a bull dog isnt he? I didn't want to...
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    So I'm playing on an indoor court at the state tourney a few months ago. It was college and it was horrible. I couldn't see anything from the side of the court where the fans were sitting(up), the ball seemed to be lost in the toss. I had to wait for it to hit the court and then chase it all...
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    I hit 51 today. I'm struggling with dealing with different pains. I've lost a ton of matches this year some to even guys older than me that I would've dragged just 3 years ago. All of a sudden, the heat is an issue. As far the frames I'm still using some techi fibers or something like
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    WSJ: Coco Gauff is the future of American women. American men have no future.

    Actually, that's not true at all imo. It is starting to require a great bit of athleticism. Athleticism and heart. It's a reason why Fed, Nadal and Novak have dominated for so long. The others don't have one or the other or they just don't have either. The article is right on point. Girls don't...
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    Dealing with the dashing doubles distraction

    That's as bad as shuffling your feet or scrubbing them on the court with no intention on moving to a different position. It's a distraction. I hit a poor woman in the chest once after asking her not to do it. She kept doing it so on a sitter...hit her in the chest and then told her "I thought...
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    Dealing with the dashing doubles distraction

    If it's men's tennis a few right at the body normally does the trick. Most people's problems is they are trying to hit around them and figure out where they are going. Most of the time they are going to the same after about 3 or 4 you should get an idea where they are going to be and...
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    Do you know what shot you're going to hit?

    I agree with her to a degree. What she probably means is depending on where it's served determines what she is going to do. For example if the ball is served to her backhand up the T(assuming she's on deuce) she may lob over net player that may be standing on top of the net. If they server her...