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    Will USTA refund league fees?

    First time I've heard that. They just said "stop playing" Never heard anything about a credit. I'll ask the captain about that.
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    Will tennis need to move to fan-less tournaments?

    No, this just insures that anyone that equals him or passes him is going to get a big ole fat * by their name as Fed would've easily taken a few more Wimeldon's, AO's and US question about it. I think he may get bored with the wait and retire. :)
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    Will tennis need to move to fan-less tournaments?

    I would think for the time being they would move to a fanless tournament because it's easier to do so unlike say football or basketball where 10 or 22 guys have to be on the field/court at one time. I think they can revisit later having fans back but they'd better move fast. Only so much time...
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    Last match you played?

    My last one was beginning of March Alta Semi Finals of the senior playoffs. We won our match but the team lost in a 10 point tiebreak after we split the 4 matches. So it was fun.
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    Serve and Volley Rackets

    I think it's about the personal feel for each person. I don't think the raquet matters as much as people think it does. I think Lopez or any of those other people you mentioned could take yours or my raquets and volley pretty much the same way they do with their raquets. I think it comes down to...
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    Lets gather great ways to practice tennis in these virus times

    Yea, I think it missed some calls last time I played it. :)
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    Lets gather great ways to practice tennis in these virus times

    Nothing will ever replace that wall workout. :) It's the best workout ever. I've never seen the wall lose a point much less a game. :)
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    Hitting overhead on non-lobs

    I think it's possible and should be done when you can. In doubles it should be an overhead anyway as you should be looking to come in but I think you are on to something. My footwork is bad right now with injuries I've yet to get resolved. So Id not try it but I think it should be with people...
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    Self Isolation Thread

    halarious, but looks better than just sitting on the couch all day. Me and wife and son my take this up. :) Me and wife play but son doesn't play anymore but he'd do this. He's been sent home from college and bored as hell. we were going fishing but the fishing place we like is swollen to hell...
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    Will serve and volley ever return? And will baseline rallies ever finish?

    You got that right about the 1 hander...It just felt natural to me coming out of baseball. :) I asked could I hit with one hand when a guy tried to show me a two hander. :) I didn't realize that it was called a 1 hand backhand at the time. Had hardly even watched it on T.V. I don't see how a man...
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    Will serve and volley ever return? And will baseline rallies ever finish?

    If I can get my legs together...I'll probably learn to serve and volley more in singles. I only serve and volley in most cases first and second serve depending on the match and the opponents, but serve and volley is a must on all first serves no matter who I'm playing. Having said...
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    Will USTA refund league fees?

    You know...I just wished he'dj(Theim) called me before he posted my work out on the just can't help a guy out these days. I won't send him anything else.
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    Will USTA refund league fees?

    That's too much like right for USTA to refund the money. It's funny they can tell us to stop playing in the middle of the season but then it's up to the local league to refund money.
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    40 MPH wind at USTA tournament

    Yea, but sounds like you want to play tennis like boxers box. I don't like boxing because many of them get to choose their opponent on their terms. The fun of tennis is having to adapt. I use to like oppresive heat until I started getting injured. I don't like cold but I hate wind even more. I...