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    Should "foot fault" rule be changed?

    No need for any warning. No advantage? :confused: Why not step into the court when you serve?
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    Serena's interview on Good Morining America

    And we should excuse her cos she's a great athelete? :confused: She may be a great athelete but she'll never be a great champion. Do you think you would ever see Roger Federer behave like that? Roger Federer IS a GREAT CHAMPION.
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    Serena probably knew she foot faulted

    Yes. She didn't react immediately. She had time to think before letting go on the linesperson.
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    Was it a foot fault?

    Huh? So tennis games in future don't need rules. Just call the match with common sense? :shock:
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    Cyber power and Cyber flash?

    CP or CF in mainsfor hybrid? I've been using CP 17 for the mains @ 56lbs and CF 17 for crosses @ 54lbs. The CP breaks after 4 hours of play. Will try switching to CF for mains and CP for crosses to see if that set-up lasts longer. Anyone tried the 2 different combos? Am also thinking of...
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    Poly hybrid with poly

    How about ALU mains and Cyberflash crosses? Would this setup make any sense? It would certainly be cheaper than a full ALU job but would it be any better than a full Cyberflash job?
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    Flexpoint Prestige MP

    Why Change? How doe the Dunlop M-Fil 300 compare to the LM Prestige. What made you switch racquets?
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    Is Prince addressing the 03 Tour string breakage problem ?

    Anyone??? What about the Hybrids??? So, does anybody know anyone from Prince? What's their response to the string breakage problem on the O3 racquets? Besides using kevlar strings..of course. Anyone used a hybrid shark or hornet long enough to give feedback on durability of strings on those...
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    Questions regarding these three 17g polys

    I previously used Prince Syntetic Gut Duraflex 16 to cross the ALU Power Rough 16L mains...the PSGD would break after about 8hours of play. Not a very economical option cos you would waste on stringing and have to cut off what is still very good condition mains. Would advise you to use a full...
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    Is Prince addressing the 03 Tour string breakage problem ?

    It does chew up strings I put PSGD 16 on the O3 tour and it only lasts for about 3-4 hours. This means strings may break in the middle of the match. Very annoying and costly. So, moved to the Babolat APD. With the same string set up, the PSGD 16 lasts at least two to three time longer. Since...
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    Is Prince addressing the 03 Tour string breakage problem ?

    Anyone have any experience on string durability on the O3 White??? Strings pop faster on the O3 Tour compared to other racquets :cry: . A very expensive situation...especially if you are using Luxillon Big Banger ALU Power. What's the situation like with O3 white or Hybrids? Can those...
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    Prince O3 White

    Has anybody had the O3 White long enough to talk about how long strings last on the frame. O3 technology is notorious for chewing up strings. I wonder if Prince has address this with the O3 White or the new Hybrids.
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    Prince O3 White

    How does it compare with Babolat APD? Anyone tested the Hybrid Shark or Hornet yet?
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    Babolat Aeropro Drive Crack?

    Thank, but the likelihood of that happeningt is probably very low, unless I can show that it's a common occurence with this type of racquet :(
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    Babolat Aeropro Drive Crack?

    My son uses a Bobolat Aeropro Drive strung with Luxilon Big Banger @ 55lbs. He recently noticed a crack next to the gromet hole @ the 2 o'clock position. He's only been using the racquet for 3 months and hasn't thrown the racquet about. Could this be because of stringing? Or is this common...