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    Disgusted that the non-Federer/Nadal semi isn't airing live on broadcast TV

    actually rain is good for Nadal... He beat grosjean 6-0, 6-3? after the rain.
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    Tomorrow Wimbledon coverage

    I totally agree. They should definitely show more variety of players.
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    Kirschbaum Comparison

    Competition lasts a little longer than Touch Turbo. TT has more feel and is softer than Competition. Both has nice comtrol. Competition is better IMO because it is more firm and crisp feel.
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    different color Pete Sampras vibration dampeners?

    Where can you get those Pacific dampeners?
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    need durable string - 1-2 months that wont go dead

    Kirschbaum Competition 17. But if you hit with a lot of topspin maybe you should get 16. Competition holds tension well, IMO.
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    What's the better combination?

    Exactly. TennsDog is right on.
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    Wimbledon... the movie?

    Finally! It's about time they make a movie about tennis!
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    Roddick Lefty??

    Yea me too!
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    Wish me Luck!

    GOOD LUCK!!! Wow... You're 14 and trying out for Pro Tour... That will never happen to me in my life time...
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    best 18 gauge string?

    18 kevlar mains and 17 OG sheep micro crosses. NIce feel and spin. But it breaks in like two weeks.
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    Agassi Loses again

    He should retire already. How old is he like 40!
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    Did Coria throw the final b/c of pressure from the mob?

    I think Coria was faking it. Like the time he faked his back injury playing with Roddick in the Finals.
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    You Guys String Your Racquet Too Tight!

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    Poly string which doesn't lose tension?

    Kirschbaum Competition 17
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    Grip change Q

    I used to use the same face for both FH and BH. That was when I had the EXTREME western grip.