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    Another Plantar Fasciitis Thread

    I move to Boston in 5 months. I'm just getting in what I can before I have to pay $50/hr court fees 7 months a year :cry:
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    Are there any top ATP pros using current off the shelf racquet?

    Goffin and kyrgios. Also Fed if you count that
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    Another Plantar Fasciitis Thread

    When I got back into tennis this year and went to replace my shoes I got some cheapo Adidas off Amazon. When I last played ~5 years ago I was younger and fitter, being a d3 swimmer and tennis player. Added a couple of pounds in the meantime I'm working on cutting back off, but an unforseen...
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    Volkl new logo = road sign

    Yeah I guess the bend was always there, it just only felt like it was affecting the aforementioned serves. Maybe I was just having trouble controlling them bc the weight difference and associated it with the flex
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    I've been playing tennis for six months, and I don't feel like I'm improving much.

    As suggested above if try to find a way to film yourself. Not just because it helps speed up the feedback loop (although that's important). But it will also help you track your progress. I'd bet you've likely improved more than you think.
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    Volkl new logo = road sign

    People rave about the phantom line. Hit with a friend's phantom 100 and I could feel it bending on my serve, so not for me, but of you're not a 110+ mph server probably less an issue (felt fine on big kick serves, just not flatties and flatter slice serves for me)
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    What did you last eat?

    Garlic and rosemary brussel sprouts and carrots. Turkey bacon mixed in cooked with some black pepper. Fresh parm grated on top
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    I play Division III college tennis, AMA

    When I was on a d3 team 2012-2014 coach had a team discount on one brand of shoes but only brought prices down ~$20 on avg. Luckily we were less than 15 min from holabirds main location and discontinued shoe colors (even if popular models) can be super cheap there if they're trying to clear...
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    Will I ever get rid of the bad habit of opening my shoulders too soon on the kick serve?

    I'm a big fan of trying to visualize what you want to do rather than thinking about not doing something. Before the serve take a breath and play the slomo of whatever pro you generally try to imitate. Then once you toss just concentrate on the seams of the ball. Too often: Tell yourself not to...
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    Softest WHITE POLY ?

    Always hear that isospeed cream is soft, haven't tried it though
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    Spinshot ball machine service stand

    Right, but it changes the amount of time you have to react to the ball
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    rule question : very very quick underhand serve

    I do kyrgios styled UH serves quite often against other 4.0s around my club and the park. They're pretty fun to mix in but definitely within the reaction time that people will often get to them. Maybe at a stretch but it's not usually a clean winner once they know it might happen. And I have a...
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    Clemson Tiger tennis Liu out for the season :'(
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    rule question : very very quick underhand serve

    I feel like this is a legitimate call for a let. I'm all for a good underhand serve, but you still gotta make sure the receiver is ready
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    Worst Tennis Etiquette EVER

    This sounds like a you problem :shrug: it's very common to not be able to stop your swing calling A close serve and put it back on the other side. Even if he was just trying to hit it back to you and mistimed that's still a very common occurrence. You should stick to your guns on#1 and I can...