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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    Spin: Vcore98 > EZ98 > EZT Power: Vcore98 > EZT > EZ98 Control: EZT > EZ98 > Vcore98* Comfort: Vcore98 > EZ98 > EZT Volley: EZ98 > Vcore98 > EZT Hi ichaseballs Can you do the same Vcore98 > EZ98 > EZT but also add in the DR98. thanks Reason is I am looking to upgrade from the DR98 and...
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    So the 95 sounds really tempting but would it be fair to say that one should be a NNTP 4.5+ playing 3 days a week to hit with the 95?
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    Pure Strike 16x19

    Is there a thread on what people are stringing the 16x19 with? I'm thinking of Tour Bite or RPM crossed w/ a s-gut in the low 50s
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    Pure Strike 16x19

    care to elaborate on that...
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    Caroline Wozniacki very classy today

    its new York. its trump. its classy
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    Novak Djokovic [1] vs Kei Nishikori [10]: USO 2014 semifinals

    Djokovic will eat Nishikori and that is an awesome Seinfeld clip
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    The drop shot

    its even harder to execute a drop shot now with the foot speed of current players
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    McEnroe/Blake vs Wilander/Courier

    depressing how the tennis game gets more decrepit the older you get no one could keep up with blake
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    Good tennis club in Hong Kong?

    I haven't as I've never gotten around to it.
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    Yonex Ai 98: tell me more about her

    I've got a demo of the Ai 98 100 Vcore G all coming in later this week. How am I going to know if its the string or the racket since the Yonex is supposedly so string sensitive? I do have racket tune...
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    Good tennis club in Hong Kong?

    OTMPut What's your NNTP
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    Good tennis club in Hong Kong?

    LRC has both clay and indoor courts. Its located at the peak.
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    Nike tennis in Taipei?

    don't quite remember where but there is a small tennis shop on a north south street near national taiwan university. its also near a very popular desert shop that has been around literally forever so if you ask that might help. I don't think prices are that great...
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    Yonex Ai 98: tell me more about her

    sorry didn't see the earlier respond in #326