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    Why Carpet Courts Were Perma Banned

    He has a formula that works. Sometimes it's good. Other times not so much. I don't really like this style of content creating. The pacing makes it difficult to sit through.
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    Why Carpet Courts Were Perma Banned

    ^^Those are the people that watch these videos. Kids and noobs. I already know this stuff.
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    Borg was better than Nadal at the French Open

    Bjorn Borg would not beat a prime Nadal at the French Open.
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    Why Carpet Courts Were Perma Banned

    Glad you like it. Personally, I can't watch those videos. That channel is like "Tennis for Noobs."
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    Agassi is better than Nadal at the USO

    Nadal 4. Agassi 2. Case closed.
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    What kind of retirement are folks expecting for Nadal?

    He will retire at the 2025 French Open final after winning it. 20 years after his 1st grand slam title.
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    Most overrated player on TTW?

    Nick Kyrgios.
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    Djokovic endorsement earnings

    Agreed. Osaka is perhaps the most unlikable player in the history of the WTA.
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    Nadal's last 4 major wins - all epic

    The french toast that I ate this morning was epic. The kleenex that I used to blow my nose with was epic. My last visit to the grocery store was epic. Bernard Tomic's 2022 tennis season was epic.
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    Zverev absent for months ?

    Well, you got me there. I don't know what ABZ means...but I do know that Zverev is a bum.
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    Zverev absent for months ?

    What's an ABZ?
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    Does Prime McEnroe with 1984 racquet/strings win the NCAAs in 2022?

    I think a better question would be: could Chuck McKinley win the 2022 NCAA title. McKinley was a fantastic player. Very athletic. But more of an amateur than a pro.
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    Murray’s pre 2012 career vs Roddick’s whole career?

    I voted for every category because this is a troll thread.
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    Who wants this to be the last Laver cup in history?

    I think "Lame Horse" is done with playing the Laver Cup.