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    My Documentary on the Career of Bill Scanlon - Bad News for McEnroe - Good News for Scanlon

    Thank you Mr. Lob. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the film! :) The late 1970s through early 80s is also one of my favorite time periods in tennis. Some people even say that tennis hit it's peak with the Borg / McEnroe Wimbledon classics from back then. In the course of doing research for...
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    King Richard may be the greatest tennis movie ever made

    That looks good! I might really have to check that out. Arthur Ashe is one of my all-time favorite players.
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    My Documentary on the Career of Bill Scanlon - Bad News for McEnroe - Good News for Scanlon

    Thank you PDJ and Bhagi Katbamna. I appreciate the kind words and support! The documentary will be finished soon. I look forward to sharing it with you guys. :)
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    My Documentary on the Career of Bill Scanlon - Bad News for McEnroe - Good News for Scanlon

    Back during the late spring, I heard the sad news that Bill Scanlon had passed away after a very brief struggle with cancer. I read his book "Bad News for McEnroe" when I was a teenager and it really got me interested in learning about the legends from the past. I remember the first time that...
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    How many Slams should Agassi have won if he kept it together?

    @BGod Great post! I think I would lean in favor of the 1991 French Open final as being the best example of a slam that he should have won. Courier even admitted that the rain delay saved him. I would also include the French Open final against Gomez in 1990. He really lost this match for three...
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    Kyrgios says Roland-Garros should be removed from tennis calendar

    It's a little bit hard to take a guy like this (with pink and yellow highlights) seriously.
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    Stich, Agassi, Krajcek and Ivanisevic at Wimbledon

    I would put them in the following order: 1. Stich (Very impressive win against Edberg in the semis and Becker in the finals.) 2. Agassi (Defeated Becker, McEnroe, and Ivanisevic en-route to winning the tournament.) 3. Krajicek (The only player to defeat Pete Sampras at Wimbledon in the time...
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    Thoughts on Roddick's Career

    Many people consider Andy Roddick to be the last great American tennis player. In 2003, Andy Roddick would win the US Open at the young age of 21. He would also finish that year as the #1 player in the world. This would end up being the high point in Andy's career. Despite reaching another...
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    New Agassi film Reveals the Reasons Why He Lost to Pete Sampras in the 1990 US Open Finals

    It surprises me that Agassi was only able to win the Year End Championship, one time during his career. I wonder if this is because he had an average serve? I seem to remember him having a strong finish to both the 1994 and 1999 seasons. But he lost to Sampras at the Year End Championship on...
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    Nadal vs Djokovic. Who is greater?

    Nadal was also a star of the 2010s. He won 13 slams during the decade. Djokovic only just barely edges him in that department.
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    Nadal vs Djokovic. Who is greater?

    Djokovic never dominated on clay.
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    What order do you rank Lendl, McEnroe, Connors, Agassi in as far as greatness

    1. Lendl (winning head to head vs the other 3 players.) 2. Agassi (Career golden slam.) 3. Connors 4. McEnroe
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    How does prime Agassis's baseline proficiency match up against Nadal on HC?

    Andre played him during the 2005 summer hard court season (I think it was at the Rogers Cup in Montreal.) Nadal won the match in three sets. A few weeks later, Agassi made the finals of the US Open and was a couple of games away from a two sets to one lead over Federer. In my opinion, a...