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    Help! Ulnar sided wrist pain got from wrong pronation technique

    I've been through what you're experiencing. Stop tennis for one month or two and everything is fine.
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    [Drop shot] Aim landing position or net clearance?

    Most drop shots of mine that is from baseline hit the net at one ball below the strip. I aim to land at half service court. I think hand it not been the net the landing would've been perfect.
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    [Drop shot] Aim landing position or net clearance?

    If not both. Net clearance is of course safer since hitting the net is instant kill. I just saw some recommendation of making the ball drop when crossing the net. Is crossing the net at 3/4 of the trajectory a good indicator (though it becomes aiming landing position)?
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    [Drop volley] Aim landing position or net clearance?

    [oh, I mean DROP SHOT. can't edit title or delete post.] Deleted. Please don't reply. See another post.
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    Help with learning how to serve properly?

    American or British salute? They seemed facing the racquets to side fence, so British?
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    Where does the serve actually begin?

    Rule 19 Service fault, case 1 allowed to catch the ball with the hand or the racquet...
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    Where does the serve actually begin?

    No accorrding to my interpretation. 25: must have tossed 26 or so: this ball must be hit or missed If the ball is not hit, the toss is not part of the service motion, so by 25 sec the service motion has not started.
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    Where does the serve actually begin?

    No, bouncing the ball is not part of the serve just as walking to behind the baseline, or choosing balls thrown from the ball boy is not, because "Immediately before starting the service motion, the server shall stand at rest ...". The time of bouncing the ball (even after checking the...
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    Split-steps too late

    I do this when I'm lazy or tired or believing having insufficient time to hop. Later when watching videos I don't see me moving at all. I may be cheating to myself on court.
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    [Service jump] your body is at the apex at contact? or rising?

    Certainly should not be falling. My videos show that I consistently time it quite well to have me at apex, which is not a good thing as the ball does not receive my momentum. But does a rising body at contact cause difficulty in timing?
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    When stringing on a dropweight...

    Isn't it hard to adjust the string in the gripper with the bar down on a KM?
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    Split-steps too late

    I know I should be in the air when the opponent hits the ball. My problem is I'm so afraid of jumping too early so that the jump becomes useless, that in the end I jump too late. I saw from videos that I left the ground slightly after the contact. What I was thinking was that "don't jump yet...
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    Yonex VCore Pro 97 HD review...

    Purple and green transition is so 90's.
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Does anyone find Red Devil coated with something like silicone that leaves at your hand after stringing? This doesn't occur for Blackout or Plus Power.
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    Pro's Pro string review

    I've tried both RD and BF 1.19, both as crosses. They stretched like noodles that I could never find the equilibrium on a dropweight. Strangely Red Devil 1.24 did not stretch at all. BF stretched a bit less than RD, again both 1.19. I wrote notes on every string job. Just find that I...