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    Tennis in Central NJ

    Hi Folks I have in laws in central NJ! I visit every so often and don't usually have much to do. I'd love to find some folks in the area that I could contact to hit when I'm in town (like this coming weekend). Anyone in that area? I'm talking near New Brunswick ish (they're actually located in...
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    2015 BNP Paribas Open / Indian Wells - ATP 1000

    where's the isner djokovic match? is it delayed for some reason?
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    recommend a poly to hybrid with e-matrix

    any recommendations on something similar in feel and price but a bit more durable?
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    recommend a poly to hybrid with e-matrix

    Hi folks, I'm a 4.0-4.5 level player trying to get back in the game. I play with 88 leaded up usually. I typically play with technifibre e-matrix 17 strung at around 55 lbs (it's nice and comfy and very cheap). I'm curious to try a bit of poly with it in hybrid to add a bit of spin so I...
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    session for fed rafa match

    hi guys, i'm on the east coast and the possibility of a roger rafa qf is extremely tempting. Which sessin would it be? my guess is the Sept 4th (wednesday) night session. Does that seem right to people? how sure are you in your guess and why? my reasoning is that the men's qf's are supposed...
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    2012 Ladies US OPEN Final: [1] Victoria Azarenka vs. [4] Serena Williams

    i'm tyring to stream it from i can't get past the "don't reproduce this without authorization" screen...where can I stream this, or am i doing something wrong!
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    recorded semis

    Hi guys. Really need a hand. Haven't seen today's second semi. any place i can find it online without spoiling the result?
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    recorded semis tomorrow

    It does, but I don't think espn has the rights to the men's semis tomorrow.
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    recorded semis tomorrow

    Hi everybody, I'm going to be flying to my mom's house tomorrow, and will, as such, miss the men's semifinals live. I don't have tennis channel, either at my residence, or where I'm flying, so I can't even have anybody record the first semi for me. As for the second semi, I might be able to...
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    Rome 2012 Final:[1] Djokovic vs [3] Nadal

    omg espn3 is back!!!
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    Rome 2012 Final:[1] Djokovic vs [3] Nadal

    this stream is just miserable. I can't believe espn3 is still down...they carried so many crap matches but decided to skip today? what the hell!all these other channels are doing fine apparently, it's a shame i dont have real stream's sooo stop and go, and i have really fast internet
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    Any North Carolina members on here?

    anyone here from raleigh willing to play a bit? I'm in the area for a week and have my matches at the 4.0 level at the moment cause of rusty practice but can hit at 4.5 to 5.0
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    Haters even in Rome too, no please!

    i'd like to point out that they're playing the back to the future theme song at rome at the moment....i mean...don't get me wrong, i aint complaining! but uh...not sure i see the connection to rome or to tennis...
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    Federer beat at least one top 10 player in all of his Grand Slam wins

    his 1.43 top 10 players were topper...than fed's (troll alert)
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    Hyderabad, India. Partner and Services

    i should... apparently a friend of a cousin knows her family or some crap