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    Djokovic vs Wawrinka, 2013 Australian Open

    This is where the great modern era rivalry took off. How many more great matches have we witnessed between these two warriors since this one? I also feel the same way about last year's USO match as the beginning of the great rivalry between Nadal and Thiem.
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    Wise Kyrgios Rips Apart Yung Zverev

    NK indeed has shown a little more maturity recently than some of the players who people believed were more mature.
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    Zoolander Zverev

    Is this some silly partying from Zverev? We shouldn't forget he is only a young kid, even though I think he should behave more responsibly .
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    Djokovic Turns Inward for Redemption

    Djokovic doesn't seem to have scientific mind but more emotional and spiritual mind. Not surprising, he seemed to believe Covid19 was not real.
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    New York, New Jersey visitors must quarantine. USO?

    Will Djokovic, Coric, Dimitrov, Troicki and others have to self quarantine?
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    Who's the tallest graceful ATP player you can think of?

    Sampras was at his peak a few years earlier, but he still was good enough to be no.1. Do you think we should give Djokovic no credit for beating Federer in 3 finals of Wimbledon from 2014? I don't think so, even though we need to maintain the perspective Federer is 6 years older and much farther...
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    Who's the tallest graceful ATP player you can think of?

    In 2000, the year Sampras finished as no.1, Safin beat Sampras at USO final to win his first slam.
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    Who's the tallest graceful ATP player you can think of?

    Yup, I feel he very much underachieved. He was one guy that made prime Sampras nervous.
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    Who's the tallest graceful ATP player you can think of?

    Yes, I agree Stich is the most graceful and elegant mover in the history of ATP out of tall guys. (y)
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    Who's the tallest graceful ATP player you can think of?

    6'3" was thought to be the tallest you can get to be consistently good enough to be no.1. Becker was that tall and most of the people believed anyone taller might be too tall. However, Safin was 9'4" and became no.1, and since then, taller players became more and more athletic. Of the players...
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    Toni says a UO skip could be in the cards

    I'm sure Nadal will play, especially if Djokovic is not able to recover in time. He doesn't want to miss out on a chance like this.
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    Djokovic serves as a warning to all those who don't really take Covid-19 virus seriously. Look at those people gathered on a beach of UK. We just have to stay more vigilant.
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    Reading all the Djokovic related pandemonium on TTW

    I thought Djokovic was silly but sympathized him for contracting virus. However, after the rubbish his dad said about Fed, "Why do you think he is still playing at 40? Imagine that, a 40-year-old man still playing tennis, when he could go home and do some more interesting things. But since both...
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    Now official: Djokovic joins Dimitrov and Coric.

    What can you say. Wish they recover quickly, but Nole was indeed silly. I hope this brings everyone to realization that Covid-19 is real and it is still here to catch us.
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    Roger Federer vs Andre Agassi Highlights US Open 2005 Final

    A great match. Prime Fed v old but still great Agassi. Like Prime Djok v old but still useful Fed.