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    Volkl V1 Classic - 2013 model vs. 2014 model

    At this point in time I would only be guessing about the actual year. You do know I was being facetious about the black/yellow paying better? I just had a strong preference for that aesthetic -- all of the V1 Classics played great for me.
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    Best natural gut currently

    Tough Gut has been on my short list of preferred natural gut for a while now, especially for hybrid stringing. I stocked up on half-sets of 16L at deep discounts a few years ago but sets have gotten much pricier now. Everything is going to notch eventually, but V-Icon resists it at least as well...
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    Blunt syringe needles for stringing?

    I don't know about you guys, but if I am settling into a long stringing session, I am going to have quite a few libations just to keep the process well lubricated and maintain proper equilibrium. My mental faculties certainly do not become more acute as I go along. So, for me, scrap string is...
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    Best natural gut currently

    In my experience, Volkl V-Icon 17g natural gut at $29.00 for 40' is a great buy for gut/poly hybrids. It is made in Australia (Klip) and has a substantial coating on it. It is slippery and matches up well with Signum Pro Poly 1.18mm in the crosses. Spin, durability (for NG) plus power and...
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    Stringing Machine Calibration Issues

    Are you using a tension meter/calibrator that measures the reference tension -- i.e. pulling string attached to the sensor/scale? Or, are you using a tension meter to measure DT on the strung racquet? Lastly, if measuring the strung racquet, is the Gamma device their private labeled version of...
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    Compatibility of ball machines with regular balls

    I use the ball machine in one very specific situation when teaching both one on one and small groups -- that is when I when i want to be close to the student(s) for instruction purposes but want something more than hand feeds. Remote is essential. For my purposes, a ball machine is not an...
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    Heat Shrink Sleeve vs Thick Replacement Grip

    I prefer the Gamma build up sheets. I find I can get more defined edges on the bevels compared to the heat-shrink version, especially using the one-half up-size. Both are made from the same material.
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    Need a new stiff dead long lasting poly

    Last time I checked, pickleball didn't have beer girls.
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    Shuzo would approve of this thread. :D
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    Best natural gut currently

    SP is sourcing it from a company that makes natural gut. If I had to take a wild guess, I would say it is made in Australia. The look of the string and packaging looks a lot like the now defunct Titan brand, which was manufactured by Klip. If anyone actually knows the COO, please chime in. I...
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    Best natural gut currently

    Do you know the country of origin for the SP Premium Gut?
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    Singles Sticks

    I use Gamma singles sticks. One-piece aluminum. Work great and stand the test of time.
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    Serena Williams

    Per Tommy Sotomayor, Serena fits the profile of either a BT1000 or BT 1100.
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    Serena Williams

    Yup. Lack of self-control plus a sense of entitlement topped off by playing the victim.
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    Serena Williams

    She got her ass kicked 2-6 in a little over a half hour in the first set. Losing a point, after losing her frigging mind, did not cost her the match. Her lack of self-control and being thoroughly outplayed is why she LOST. Nothing was stolen from her. She is a disgrace. What she and the...