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    Gator Updates

    Jackson didn't leave him with much. Shelton is a guy you have to give time. At least two more years for sure that I know of
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    Big 10 Tennis

    The 64 wins in a row might never be broken with the current ranking system, scholarship limits, etc. Winning on the road against good teams is very very very difficult thing to do.
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    ACC tennis

    I believe most, if not all, Duke fans could care less about winning ACC championships as basketball has already won a national championship this year. btw, women's golf won the individual title this year.
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    Big 10 Tennis

    So what's the seeding for the Big10 Tournament with Ohio State, Illinois and Minnesota all co-champs
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    ACC tennis

    wow.. Duke losing to Tech. Both Mengel and Alvarez out though.... ACC tournament just got a lot easier in the bottom half of the draw.
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    Luxilon Bronze Prototype Review

    Actually just found out some new info. There are two different "bronze" or "prototype" string out there for Luxilon. One is called "bronze" which is available on a reel at 1.30 and supposedly 1.25. The string is printed "Luxilon Bronze". The other I have only come across in individual sets...
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    Big 12

    I agree that it is a little surprising to see Papa struggling a little bit. This reminds of how Chase Buchanan from Ohio State started out in college. Could be a variety of factors such as maturity, adapting to college, etc. One definite similarity I see is that both were very developed...
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    Verdasco's strings

    Looked like Verdasco went back to all big banger original at Houston...
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    Luxilon Bronze Prototype Review

    Ahh, since the cat is out of the bag, I might as well add my thoughts. Was fortunate to string a few up for a top college player and play to get his and my thoughts on "2016 Luxilon Prototype". Pros: Much easier to string than ALU or 4G Very soft when compared to the other strings on...
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    What is your weirdest request.

    "Can you hit with me so I can out how the tension is for these conditions?" - top 200 ATP player at a tournament
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    UCI player returning after arrest?

    Stallworth hit a person that jumped in front of his car on a freeway. As for Kearney, he deserves a second chance. He served his punishment. Life goes on
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    Head Finest Calfskin

    These are like pallets, except a little harder to find. Supply and demand dictates such markups.
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    Caroline Wozniacki's US Open Dress Designed By Stella McCartney

    why can't she rock the birthday suit.....
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    best way to stop pure strom from squeaking?

    you need to staple them and/or use a high quality adhesive
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    Worst racquet/ string to string?

    Gamma Ruff is always bad. BLX Pro Tour is more difficult than any Head frame because of how dense it is in the sweet spot. Also, Fischer frames with say BBO 1.38 will take a while.....