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    Forum members that are from Europe?

    Ηράκλειο (Κρήτη)..
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    NXT/ Velocity

    Hey guys.. I would like your input. I've tried nxt16/velocity17 at 24/23kg (53/51lbs) and like it very much on my 18x20. I've also tried v17 fb which I've also liked but not over 22kg (49lbs) (it feels too stiff for me above that). If I was to try v17/nxt16 what tension do you think I should...
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    Has anyone ever used SpinGen?

    I have used it on multi. It seems to work, but as Crisp pointed above it's very tedious.. I have not played enough to see if it affects durability though.
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    Micronite, PPC and Velocity

    Also what strings are you using now?
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    Micronite, PPC and Velocity

    Thank you very much. This is very helpful! I am actually thinking of using them as mains in a multi/poly hybrid too. May I ask which poly you used as crosses? Durability is not my main concern as I am not a string breaker and I will be using this in a 97 sqin 18x20 racquet.
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    Micronite, PPC and Velocity

    Could you compare and contrast these? Particularly interested in comfort, power and spin. I've tried only velocity natural 16 and 17. I like very much the muted response and spin but I would like a little more feel and comfort. Any ideas?
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    Why are strings much more expensive in Europe and Australia than in the US?

    It is pretty extreme in several cases. Look at tecnifibre strings for example...
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    Head Velocity vs. Tecnifibre Multifeel

    So has anybody tried the mf/v hybrid yet?
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    Tecnifibre multifeel

    Why is it so expensive in Europe?
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    Tsitsipas Too Lazy To Get His Own Towel

    The number in this article is an underestimation at best... I would say the real number of working hours exceeds 50 per week... Anyway this is a tennis forum...
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    Tsitsipas Too Lazy To Get His Own Towel

    such a big misconception for Greek people.....
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    Head Velocity

    Don't know if this has been addressed previously... Which appears to provide more spin/bite on a 18x20 97in bed the 17g or 16g?
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    Gosen Multi CX vs AK Pro CX

    I have only tried the AK Pro CX once as a cross to powerful multi mains in a 18x20. Very nice slick cross but I enjoyed it only for the first three hours of play. It had noticeable notching and became stiffer after that.
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    Strings becoming stiffer after (some) play?

    True. I am beginning to think that what you describe may be the cause of this change in feel with this particular string. I just didn't expect it to happen so rapidly..... It certainly happens with some other strings I have tried e.g Gosen AK Control 17 with which I had a completely locked...