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    Tier One Ghostwire

    I just drilled for an hour with "black knight boost" 1.23 bk / 1.10 gw @ 22/21 kg. Compared to alu/gw this one was a little stiffer in the beginning. Excellent control and as much spin as alu/gw. A little less power. Holds tension better for the time being.
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    18-19g that I have tried is plenty soft... and indeed holds tension remarkably well compared to other polys.
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    Well they are notched some but nowhere near ready to break... I am thinking the low tension initially strung in combination with rapid loss of tension???
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    I now have tried ALU Rough/GW 1.10 @ 20.5/19.5 kg and ALU/GW 1.10 @ 22/21 kg in 16x20, 98sqin fairly open pattern. Both are great for the first couple of hours. Comfy with very nice bite/spin and control. The pop of alu is still there and feels very nice. But I have a problem... in both...
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    Mantis Tri-Spin Polyester 125/130

    Just drilled for an hour with this. 98sqin 16x20 @ 22kg. I am surprised this has not gained more attention (I did a search on tt and this is the only thread I found). Medium power, very good control, soft feeling with good pocketing and excellent spin. Let's see how long it will be good...
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    Mantis Tri-Spin Polyester 125/130

    Just strung it and testing it the next few days.
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    Jolly's Polys

    Hey J could you rank the polys you like the most regardless of price? Well I know alu and bbo would take the two top spots but after that? Thanks. c
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    Testing solstice power 18g/ghost wire 19g right now at 21.5/19.5kg. Very nice hybrid. Nice spin, medium/high power, good control, very good tension maintenance (7% loss after 2 hours of intense drilling) and very comfortable. Some notching on the solstice power. Actually this is the my first...
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    Absolute softest spin poly in WHITE COLOR ?

    Ghost wire. Imo the best soft poly out there. Just tried it with solstice power mains and... I am impressed. Also tried it with nxt power mains very very good. Now will do the gut/gw test...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour vs Diadem Elevate vs Angell K7 Lime

    Anybody knows if the flex rating of 64 for the elevate is strung or unstrung?
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    Question for TWE re Prince Premier Control

    Are you expecting any of these in 17g?
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    Someone with own experience of Wilson Sensation Control?!

    rip control 17 is imo a nice string. Good spin, good control but very low power levels. Very comfy too.