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    Fat did you do it?

    Calories - NO Carbs - NO Fat - NO Sugar - NO Vegetarian Diet - Yes. In my experience you don't even need to eat that healthy... You don't really need to eat wholemeal bread or unprocessed oats and all that. Just drink water, eat little amounts of meat, cut the fat. Eat Salad with Tuna...
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    Predict the next 5 slams

    US Open - Depends on Nadal's serve state. Australian Open - Nadal French Open - Hands Down... Nadal Wimbledon - Murray US Open - Meh Some upcoming person.
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    2012 Wimbledon Gentlemen's FINAL - [3] Roger FEDERER vs. [4] Andy MURRAY

    No... Resistance is futile when Fed is playing indoors. No distractions, no sun, no wind, faster court and since he gets a true bounce on an indoors court he can just move the ball anywhere he pleases.
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    2012 Wimbledon Gentlemen's FINAL - [3] Roger FEDERER vs. [4] Andy MURRAY

    Fed's Tennis is perfect indoors. This final is rigged.
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    2012 Wimbledon Gentlemen's FINAL - [3] Roger FEDERER vs. [4] Andy MURRAY

    Oh. Screw this Indoor Grass Court shenanigan... Just delay it so these two can sweat it under the sun and Roger can finally lose...
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    How to get "pop" sound from racquet?

    Buy expensive strings and hope your money pays off.
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    So,Was Nadal injured or Didnt have a chance?

    I wouldn't be surprised if he has tendinitis since he has been grinding on every court for over 20 years?
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    Discussing/comparing the forehands of Federer, Nadal and Verdasco

    When you do play with a straight arm forehand is it always straight? Half the time when I'm on the run, service returns, my forehands are bent, but not by much. When I look at pics of Nadal and Fed's forehand their all straight. It's too hard to see on TV so?
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    Video of me hitting some groundies and volleys

    ... I will be surprised if you can return a 200 km/h serve with that grip without your wrist bending backwards and falling off.
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    When to start using poly?

    I would go start of with full poly first, just get a cheap one and just to see the difference is worth it. Sometimes hybrids tend to play very much worse than a full bed so if you try a hybrid first try a suggested one.
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    Topspin Cyber Whirl

    Just got a free set of this string today, it looks spinny and the edges are well defined. Any thoughts on this string? Also I will be hybriding this with CF in the cross in my Pro Open
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    I hate polys!!!!

    6 weeks? What are you hybriding it with?
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    Do I change tension for different size heads?

    If it is the same weight, swing etc then string higher for the bigger one. But usually smaller sizes are heavier so you have to adjust accordingly to the other specs as well including stiffness, weight, swing weight, beam size etc.
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    spin potential of natural gut ?

    No. I'm arguing that the majority of the spin is not by the snapback of the strings. My belief if that the string grabbing onto the ball + the racquet headspeed gives the majority of the spin, then the snapback comes in to add extra.
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    spin potential of natural gut ?

    I suggest get some Nadal point of contact pictures it will be evident on his if this hypothesis is true. Currently this is the only one that I can find but it isn't very clear but the strings do not seem to be moving. The ball is full deformed. Does Federer string his crosses very different...