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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    Hard to be sure about cyclone vs. TB. I used them both quite a while ago, but I recall thinking they both felt a lot like SS but not as soft. I wasn't so impressed by cyclone. TB has some nice pop and spin to it. While I still haven't done a proper side-by-side comparison, I think I might...
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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    I've used SS at around 40 pounds quite a bit. I think it feels and plays great. I thought Cyclone played very similarly to SS but felt a little harsher. Lots of polys play great. To me, it's the feel that makes the real difference. I also really like Scorpion. Scorpion and SS are currently...
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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    This thread piqued my interest, so I strung up my racquet with WeissCannon TurboTwist 17g at 33 lbs. For the last few months, I've been using a hybrid of ALU Rough mains at 48 lbs and Gaucho Gut at 51 in the crosses, so I already use fairly low tensions. I was surprised at how normal the low...
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    {Poll} have you ever been hit in the eye?

    Yes, in a league doubles match. It was a pretty hard hit ball that deflected off the side of my racquet. It messed up my depth perception for a while and caused us to lose our lead, but we still won the match 4 and 3 because our opponents weren't that great.
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    Why hasn't Federer done for tennis what Tiger has done for golf?

    Tennis has been growing in popularity in the last several years in the US (as evidenced by racquet sales, ball sales, the difficulty of getting courts), so how do we know Roger hasn't been part of that? Also, tennis requires actual exercise, so that's obviously going to limit its universal...
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    Actual height of the pro players- accurate or not?

    I recall hearing an announcer say once that Marat Safin was listed as 6'4" when he was 18 or younger, and it's possible he grew after that. He looks taller. I think it's possible that many pros list their heights when they turn pro in their teens and then never update them. I think Patrick...
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    Does anyone else feel that Federer just doesn't respect Murray's game that much?

    I think at this point Fed's gained plenty of respect for Murray's game, and he takes playing Murray seriously. But I don't think he likes playing Murray. Murray's game relies largely on making his opponent play badly. Does anyone like playing someone who does that? I know I don't. I respect...
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    Now Robin Soderling is a good example of someone who's NOT a choker,

    Reminds me of the Nadal-Murray AO 07 4th round match. A bad line went against Murray, and if he'd have challenged he'd have probably won the match. But he didn't, and Nadal took it in five. Strangely, history shows that Nadal won that match, and there's not an asterisk next to it in the...
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    Pulled rib muscle

    I had a strained rib muscle last year and it only took a week or two to heal. In addition to tennis, also avoid heavy cardio. I don't know how I initially caused the injury, but deep breathing from bike sprints up a big hill is what made it a real problem.
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    That twitter feed says Nadal lost to Wawrinka in a 3rd set tie break and will give a press conference at 7pm London time.
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    Who is the least ripped player on tour?

    I can't believe no one's mentioned Mardy Fish.
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    Okay deciding GOAT is impossible but can we agree who is in the discussion?

    I agree with the OP's list. Those are the guys who seem to stand clearly above their peers. It seems to me that Rosewall was overshadowed by his predecessor (Gonzalez) and his successor (Laver). Maybe because his serve wasn't as good as theirs. Still, Rosewall would definitely be on the list...
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    That's a good method, jrod. I doubt the pb10 is the best against heavy spinners, but I play on fast hard courts and don't encounter too many of them. Far more hard flat hitters. I do play with one guy who likes to spin ball after ball high and deep to my backhand, but I counter that by...
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    Hey, madgvr. I thought of writing a full review of the pb10, but I don't really have a lot to say except that it's a great control racquet for physically strong 4.0+ players. Because it's heavy and has a tight string pattern, it can be difficult to whip heavy spin on a ball that already has a...
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    I use a poly blend (see sig) with the PB10 and have no trouble with the serve. I've also used a synthetic and had no trouble. My last stick was the k95 16x18, and the only thing I miss about the k95 is the sweet slice serve on the deuce side. I don't find it as easy to get as much slice, but...