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    Would you rather win your only Major title early in your career or later on?

    sharapova is proof. she said she was an 18 yr old wimbledon winner when she was probably 20/21 even those 2 yrs made a difference. but it was smart and she benefited a ton. Add to that she held off on signing any major deal until she got even more klout
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    Why is Shapovalov in London?

    Why do they practice with those massive microphones in the back.
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    Shapovalov missing something mentally

    Gotta disagree. IMO Blake played to the top of his potential. Blake would have never made it that far if he didnt play high risk tennis. But Yes agree he was a little reckless with his game at times. Shapo can be a Grand Slam contender with his talent
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    Shapovalov missing something mentally

    He still plays the game like a junior. He needs the right coach for him
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    Sam Querrey on the Lam?

    This is according to ATP of course. Not a real story until he gets a Ford Bronco
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    hot take :: jannik sinner will win more than ten grand slam

    Sinners serve is a concern on non clay surfaces. Until he improves that he wont get 5 which is a lot
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    Why did players stop tucking in their shirts?

    its the same with collars
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    Why did players stop tucking in their shirts?

    Untuckit disrupted everything
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    Kenin’s malicious use of moonballs against modern style players

    didnt vinci do the same to stop serena from calendar slam?
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    Is Sinner...

    Daveed. tennis is just game of thrones
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    Real reason for Nadal pulling out of US Open?

    Fed, Nole, Murray, Rafa, Stan And you obviously didnt get the joke. Admittedly it wasnt a great joke
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    Are all tennis courts the same size

    Net tension is also not uniform. It should be if they are going to be playing lets on serve in the future
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    Azarenka is Awesome Thread

    I am a vika fan but has anyone ever asked her why she has pictures with Lukashenko? It would appear that she supports him.
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    Some gems from Fognini's new book

    Would be weird too as Moya had a bad breakup with Flavia. But there are pics of young rafa with flavia in bed but looked like troll pics.