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    NCAA rule against USTA play?

    Hey guys, just kind if wondering if there's a rule stating that a Division 3 athlete currently on a roster can't play other organized sports while in season. I have a guy that wants to play on my USTA team, but he's currently in season. I've been told by another team captain that he can't play...
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    USTA Team Violating NCAA Regulations???

    Hey guys, I'm kind of curious about this, but are there any NCAA regulations barring a coach of a DIII college team playing on the same USTA roster as one of his current players? I'm running a 4.5 team in Pennsylvania and one of my players (the coach) said he couldn't play, because one of his...
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    IG Prestige Pro VS Graphene Speed Pro

    I've actually been playing with the Youtek Prestige Pro for 3 years now and have loved it, but my Head rep brought me a bag of the new Graphene demo's and I immediately fell in love with the way the Speed Pro plays. It feels amazing on my groundstrokes, crisp at the net, and solid on the serve...
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    4.5 Adult League Shenanigans!

    So I run a 4.5 team in Central Pa District of middle states. This year they introduced a new scheduling format for the league in order for the teams to play more matches in the regular season. There are 8 teams so everyone plays each other once in the first round of the regular season. After...
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    Video: Hitting with former D1 #1

    That's literally what I just said. I said that this was a key difference between players of different levels. That's the same thing as imbalance in competiton. Anyway, the point is that the OP is probably a very good player and he's playing a much better player. That's why the ball was landing...
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    Video: Hitting with former D1 #1

    The thing I noticed the most was when the D1 player was on the side closest to the camera. The OP's shots were mostly landing inside the service line and the D1 player was putting every ball back with pace and above all else, great depth. I think that's a big difference between players of...
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    Natural gut in prince o3 silver

    I got a racket from a client last night and he had supplied his own string which was the Wilson Champion's Choice. He wanted the natural gut on the mains and the luxilon on the crosses which would have been fine if his racket frame wasn't 118 sq in. It takes 22 feet for the mains and the gut...
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    Sanctioning A Tournament

    I enjoyed that. Thanks :-)
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    New Year's resolutions - tennis edition

    Beef up my forehand Step into my ROS more often Work a flat serve into the rotation with my kicker and slice Obtain fortune and glory
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    Sanctioning A Tournament

    If I wanted to start my own Open Division Tournament, how do I get the USTA to sanction it?
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    Here's an idea - play at your level!!!

    I played on a 5.0 and 4.5 team this past summer as a rated 4.0. I went 6-0 at 4.5 and 2-2 at 5.0. These wins were in doubles against legitimate 5.0 doubles teams and my partner was a 4.5. Some people are just rated incorrectly. I didn't even play a 4.0 match this past summer. Needless to say I...
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    Could 2012 be the year that Nadal retires?

    I'm thinking that whoever has a good Davis Cup final at the end of the year (Rafa/Delpo) and actually hoists the cup is going to be a major contender for grand slams next year. It's such a big confidence boost and it definitely is what Rafa needs right now.
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    Grigor Dimitrov

    He looks up to Sampras, but it's been quoted on several occasions that Edberg was his idol growing up. As this is the most impressionable time for a tennis player, it's no wonder that he copied some of Edberg's idiosyncrasies.
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    Will Rodgers be the best QB ever?

    Yeah, and I'm a robot.
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    Will Rodgers be the best QB ever?

    This is my third straight year of having Rodgers on my fantasy football team and I'm poised for a second championship in 3 years. He's had three great years and it's possible that his best years are ahead of him. And I'm not too worried that he's 28, because he didn't play for like 3 years as he...