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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    My 2 blades came in at 323g strung with an over grip. I wanted to get it close to where I had my v7s for starters, so added 4grams in the grip and with a dampener brings it to 331g. Going to test it tomorrow and see how it feels. If the sw feels to low I'll then tinker with the hoop.
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    switch over from 2014 Babolat Pure Strike to an arm friendly racquet

    I had the very same issues you are having and switched to the Wilson Pro Staff countervail. Took some adjusting but now enjoy playing with it and no discomfort whatsoever.
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    New Pure Aero 2019 = HORRIBLE COLOR!!!

    I got the Matte Black special edition which is beautiful!
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    Pro Staff 97 vs Pure Strike?

    Just to update, I have added just 1 gram at 12 o'clock on the PS97 which has helped improve the plow and pop. After a few runs in singles and doubles really getting the feel of it.
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    Pro Staff 97 vs Pure Strike?

    I have played with the Pure Strike for about a year and a half, modified to 339 grams. I enjoy it but experience on and off elbow pain with it so I had gone back and forth with Yonex DR98 until it is relieved. I've recently been hitting with the PS97 CV with same string setup and tension, and...
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    Need some tips to transition from Pure Strike (16x19) to the Pro Staff CV. I've played with the Pure Strike for some time and modified it to be 339 grams. I enjoyed it but experienced intermittent elbow issues throughout even with favorable string setups. After demoing a few racquets, I decided...
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    Babolat Pure Drive Tour

    Ok, played 2 sets of doubles with the PDT and looking forward to sampling this in singles for a more complete assessment. Just from hitting in doubles, the pop and spin factor clearly stands out compared to the RD98 in groundsrokes. I also enjoy a crisper feel compared to a flexy one and this...
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    Babolat Pure Drive Tour

    Glad I came across this thread. I'm excited to play with the PDT tomorrow for the first time. Currently playing with a slightly modified DR98 but felt the need for some more pop from the frame so decided to demo this one. I always had a pet peeve about SHBH with 100 sq in headsize but as I get...
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    Wilson Burn, What went wrong

    Although Wilson QC is frequently mentioned on these forums, the specs on the Burn 95 are all over the place. I happen to like this frame and have 3 of them but they range from 328 gms static, 326SW to 339gms and 336SW. The balances are even worse and trying to match them is challenging.
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    Wilson Burn 95 - Exceptional mix of control, feel, and power

    So far, I have used nat gut (Klip Legend) in the mains with Weis Cannon silverstring, ALU power rough and Polyfibre TCS in the crosses. really liked the Klip and silverstring.
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    Wilson Burn 95 - Exceptional mix of control, feel, and power

    Totally agree with Miami. A shop owner highly recommended the Burn 95 to me and was I initially skeptical due to the extended length and currently playing with a larger headsize. After some time acclimating to it and finding a preferred string setup, I was very impressed with the performance of...
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    First outings: Wilson vs. Textreme Tours.

    I have been playing with the Burn 95 and my ohbh is awesome with it. Like you with the 97S, still adjusting and fine tuning the forehand.
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    First outings: Wilson vs. Textreme Tours.

    Try the wilson burn 95 since you're already playing with a 95sq in head frame, an easy transition. It definitely fills the "more pop" quality you seek. Agree that the 97S is a great frame. For me the problem was adding too much weight to get to my desired specs became counter productive. Hope it...
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    BluTak in handle - best way to remove?

    I never tried heat, just gradually pull it out as desired. I recently returned a frame to TW which I had customized with blue-stik in the handle and easily totally removed it from both chambers. It took a few minutes but no trouble. Trick is having the tennis channel on watching whatever match...
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    Stringing options for Burn 95

    Have you at all modified your burn? Mine came in under spec, with overgrip and dampener was about 11.6oz. I added some weight to handle to get to 12oz..342gm to be exact. Have not measured the balance or sw yet but after initial hit, just felt that I wanted to increase the static weight.