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    Clara Tauson-The Next Wozniaki or Even Better?

    Wozi was hotter, much hotter.
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    2020 Prostaff update

    I think you need to take in consideration who was doing the review and their playstyles. I've been watching TW reviews for so many years I know the reviewers well enough to take that into consideration when I hear their opinions.
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    2020 Prostaff update

    Global review too, really enjoy hearing from people around the world. And man do some of these players look good!! Excited for this racquet as I'm looking for something more controlled to play with. Might have to pick one up!
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    How often do you restring?

    Roughly 4-6 hours of hitting time before its lost too much tension for me.
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    How often do you restring?

    IMO that rule sucks if you are anything other than a basic beginner. Until I switched to full poly I had to restring every time I played because I would break the strings. Now that I am playing full poly I MIGHT get two weeks out of a string job. The strings simply lose too much tension and it...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    OH I have and its not like I cannot effectively play against this type. I JUST HATE IT.
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    I can retain a certain amount of respect for a "pusher" who is like a backboard but still has a variety of shots. However, I cannot retain a shred of respect for a "lobber". One who simply hits a lob shot repetitively no matter what. I hope those people break their legs and can never play...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I was a Clash Tour playtester. Loved the racquet but it had started to affect my play with my normal racquets so I had to put it away. Right now the Clash Tour is just at the house sitting there unused.
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    Worst commentators ever?

    This poll is obviously started and voted on by a bunch of sexist pigs filled with toxic masculinity!
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    Racquet that plays like Pure Drive but lower RA?

    11.6 ounces is not a super low weight.
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    Pricier shoes are worth the money?

    In my personal experience going with cheaper shoe models has always been worse for me. Stick with major shoe models, and usually the ones endorsed by professionals. I hate to say "more expensive" because if you shop smart you can find these types of shoes at huge discounts making them much...
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    Pat McEnroe's Tears: Are USTA NTRP tournaments obsolete because of UTR?

    The Cotton Bowl always gets a good turnout because its the only major in the winter played indoors and lots of college players use it as a winter pre season warmup. Take the Fort Worth Major Zone. In 2017 it had 415, in 2018 295. As someone who has played USTA tournaments since 2005 I can...
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    Tsitsipas or Nadal? Who you want to win the first AO semi?

    Anyone but Mr. "I'm Injured" anytime he loses.
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    2019 Australian Open - WTA Thread

    Are you stupid? Have you not been watching? She rolled it earlier so yeah it should be hurting.