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    At what age you started following tennis?

    It should be 2003 or 2004. Still remember it was an Agassi vs Federer match.
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    2020 Australian Open SemiFinal :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [7] Alexander Zverev

    okay that doesnt make sense, what if they cannot repair it today?
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    2020 Australian Open SemiFinal :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [7] Alexander Zverev

    what is going on now? cannot watch it with sound at the office.
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    I feel like Djokovic is dropping his form on purpose against Federer

    No, i dont think professional athlete mind works like that.
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    have a new surface, uhm carpet?
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    Novak is the GOAT.

    neigh, he not.
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    Nadal to chair umpire "You don't like the good tennis"

    both players put on BIG effort on that moment. it is quite stupid and againts every good manner to start shot clock right after the point. some umpires does not do this at all. they give players one or two to chill depending on the situation. when they have two opposite uses of the clock, of...
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    Bull fans, how do you feel going to first RG with roof?

    I have no detailed information about how this gonna effect all but looks ugly to me. Without the roof, it had a really pretty-retro-ish sense and look. Technology is okay but UGLY.
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    2020 Australian Open Round of 16 (4R) :- [4] Daniil Medvedev vs [15] Stanislas Wawrinka

    I'm only sure his wife wont have any visible emotions for that.
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    We want new faces but not these faces

    So exhausting with the age / new gen / old gen things. It should not be really hard to see that in mens tennis, you just cant win slams that young. We should accept this and enjoy the game.
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    So kyrgios has some serious tennis elbow problem right?

    too many pints, very less stretching&warmup probably