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    Lleyton Hewitt's 2013 Clothing Sponsor

    That is correct, he now has his own line of clothing which he wore the other night.
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    Poly causes PAIN...what's up with that??!!

    I had the same issue with poly years ago, I was stringing at 57-58lbs with poly, way too much. Now I am down to 50lbs and I am using Volkl Cyclone for my poly, pain free once I dropped the tension.
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    RPM Blast Substitute?

    I like the Volkl Cyclone in 17g on my Head Youtek Prestige MP, it is a fantastic string, I have been using it for the past 2 weeks, and it is probably the best poly I have personally used. I would still like to try BHB7 to compare with the Cyclone.
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    Thoughts on Tennis Balls:an Australian Perspective

    I get the Wilson us open extra heavy duty from big w can of 4 $7. Best of the lot. Slazenger used to be good and I grew up playing them but they don't seem to be the same anymore so I prefer the Wilson.
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    Black poly recommendation

    I ended up getting volkl cyclone 1.25 in my racquet. Had my first hit with it today very comfortable string good control great spin. Absolutely love this string. I think it will be my new string of choice. I'd still like to try rpm team weiss cannon black edge and maybe lux 4g. But I'm very...
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    First time string machine

    Budget is around 1k to 1500. Not strung before but my current stringer will teach me. But the easier to use the better.
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    First time string machine

    Hi All, I want to buy myself a stringing machine for my own and friends racquets. Also I would eventually like to run a small stringing business from home so also something that I can use into the future. What would you guys recommend especially considering down the track ill be hoping...
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    Black poly recommendation

    Thanks all for the recommendations, my Lux Alu Rough broke today, so I need to get new strings asap As I am in Australia, all that is really available here locally in black that I can get asap is, Signum Pro Tornado, Genesis Black Magic, Technifibre Black Code, Lux Savage. Which one would be...
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    Head youtek prestige mp what strings

    Hi all Interested to hear what strings you guys find best in your head youtek prestige mp. I have been using lux bb rough. As I don't play as often as I used too it does go dead fast. Interested to hear what tensions and strings you guys find works best in the prestige. Thanks.
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    Black poly recommendation

    May have to try the volkl cyclone the price is certainly right at 8 a set.
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    Black poly recommendation

    Thanks for all the replies leaning towards the weiss cannon black edge or the genesis black magic. Which one has better tension maintenance?
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    Black poly recommendation

    Thanks for the responses so far. How does the big hitter black compare to the volkl cyclone. What holds tension better?
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    Black poly recommendation

    Hi all, I have. Head youtek prestige MP normally play with lux bb rough. Looking to get a new poly that's a bit cheaper and better tension maintenance than the lux. Was looking at technifibre black code, Dunlop Black widow, volkl cyclone or possibly rpm blast. Be interested to hear people's...
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    Luxilon Big Banger

    I string at 52lbs with Lux Alu rough in my IG prestige, plays nice low 50's
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    Anyone used Head FXP Tour

    Hi All, Interested to hear from anyone who has used Head FXP Tour, what did you think of it? What tension did you string at It has just been released here in Australia, known as Head PWR Fusion, believe in the USA its known as FXP Tour. Thanks Clarky