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    Wimbledon quarterfinals: Nick Kyrgios vs Milos Raonic[8]

    2nd match in a row where Raonic's ground game gets much much better as as the game goes on
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    Weak Field if Raonic makes a semi?

    If Milos came to net off his serve everyone would be applauding his game. But because he doesnt, and often looks a bit awkward playing from the baseline, its a "weak field"
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    AO 2014 SF Nadal vs. Federer

    Not even close to true. Aussie 2009, 2012 are there only HC slam matchup's. They have never played at the US Open.
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    Will Federer win a major in 2014

    I say yes. I dont think he takes Nadal tomorrow, however, I think he will win one of Wimbledon or the US Open. He seems to really be motivated to compete with the best, and I think it will show later
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    If Nadal wins AO 2014, it has a big asterisk

    TS is an idiot. Than about 50% of Federer's slams should have asterisks.
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    Weakest Slam Draw for the Winner?

    Seriously if you think that your an idiot. RG 11 = beat 3 of the top 5 seeds USO 10 = 2 top 10 wins including Djokovic USO 13 = 2 top 10 wins including world no 1 Djokovic Considering that guys have won slams with 0 top 10 wins, not sure how Nadal even comes close to making this list
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    AO 2014 QF: Novak Djokovic (2) vs Stanislas Wawrinka (8)

    Djokovic in 4 sets. If Wawrinka couldnt beat him the way he was playing in Flushing Meadows he probably cant do it now. Will be a fun match on Laver arena though.
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    Toronto Star Damien Cox slams Raonic praises Bouchard

    Raonic hasnt shown that much improvement honestly from 2011. Yeah his 2nd serve is better, but his movement is still bad and hes inconsistent on the ground
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    The 3rd Set of the USO final is legendary stuff!

    This. the reason why that match goes underrated was that it was simply the 2nd of Novak's 3 straight slam final wins over Rafa, and was easily outdone in their next match. Of course, this match had some endless rallies, and really showed how mentally strong Djoker was,
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    Martin Laurendeau is to blame for Canada's Loss!!!

    Well Vasek is better than Raonic or Dancevic at doubles so he was always going to play the last 2 days. I do admit maybe Frank could have played Novak in round 1, but the issue there was that you lose just about the only edge Canada had on Novak: the fact that he played just a few days prior
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    2013 Davis Cup Semifinal: CANADA vs SERBIA

    More or less yeah. Pospisil definitely has the shot making capability, key question is can he put it together to win 3 sets on clay?? Going to be a tough pull for Canada even now.
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    Is Nadal better than Sampras now?

    You want to talk about joke draws, Sampras won Wimbledon in 2000 playing 1 seed: 12 Pat Rafter. His previous two matches were Voltchov and Gambill And some of the guys he beat in slam finals had no business being there: Pioline, Martin, Moya in 97. More guys won slams and made finals in...
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    2013 Davis Cup Semifinal: CANADA vs SERBIA

    Break Canada! Pospisil to serve for the match
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    What were Federers 5 biggest matches?

    I'm not saying your one of these people, but if anyone who has complained about Nadal-Djoker matches of grinding etc also complain about this match then they simply dont like the sport. This match was kind of old school, a lot of net play, controlled agression at a high level. Andy was...
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    Nadal with Charlie Rose

    Man you really kinda wish at these times that Rafa was fluent in english because if he can convey this much insight like this imagine what we could hear if he spoke english like Roger His mental attitude is simply unmatched, maybe in any sport