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    Who are candidates for the Louisville position?

    I mean student athletes from many sports choose Clemson every year. Great athletic facilities and a pretty good college town type of atmosphere with growing student housing areas with plenty of things to do. I don't think student athletes really need a bustling city while in college as many of...
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    Ohio State Tennis

    Wolf going pro
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    ACC tennis

    Ecarma certainly has a different style of coaching and I could see how it would rub some players the wrong way. he is an extreme micro-manager, telling players exactly where to serve almost every point etc. He also yells tactics to players across courts without caring if the other team hears...
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    ACC tennis

    Louisville coach Rex Ecarma placed on paid leave
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    UCF assistant Matt Walters hired as new Clemson assistant.
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    SEC Tennis

    Brailovsky is going to William and Mary. He was an important part of the lineup and got plenty of playing time, hard to understand the transfer season sometimes.
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    Yannick Maden broke the top 100 this week at 99. One of the few former college guys to do so
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    Anyone know anything about the American kid who made the finals of the French ?

    My unbiased opinion is that he should go to a program that has a brand new coach, brand new facility and a pretty good football team to follow in the fall.
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    Seems that way. Like it's probably not a hire that'll make the program top 10 or anything, which Radakovich could've aimed for in my opinion. But Weiss should be able to get the program back to an NCAA tournament level type of team again.
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    Hearing mixed reviews about it. Your post and a few others have positive things to say. I've seen others say underwhelming. To me it's a wait and see type of hire. Off the cuff I don't love or hate it.
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    any day now....
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    Recruits and transfers

    USF had a pretty good season on the men's side. They started off a bit slow but hit their stride down the stretch. You're right that it'll be hard to fill #1 but what you take a step back in that area you could make up for with improved depth.
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    Stanford Men

    Nostra, might be a good time for you to consider joining a college golf forum.
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    US Open Wildcards for NCAA winners?

    I think NCAA champs deserve the wildcard more than the Kalamazoo champs. As I detailed I'm a post here before, the NCAA champ has been far more competitive in recent years with their WC than has the Kalamazoo champions. Age is a big factor of course, since it's hard for a 17-18 year old to be...
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    Yannick did decent vs Nadal today. Played pretty well in stretches. I mean Rafa has beaten top 30 players 6-0 6-1 this year on clay so losing to him 6-1 6-2 6-4 is nothing to ashamed of. Maden took 1 game off Nadal than Hanfmann did.