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    Nakashima and Brooksby

    Baylor is going to use it all they can. Probably throughout his whole career, which is cringeworthy for sure.
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    Nakashima and Brooksby

    He also seems to struggle on overheads. Not a natural motion for him apparently for either shot. Being able to develop that is key, because getting an extra 10-15 points per match thanks to a good serve and overhead can be the difference in the big tight matches.
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    Nakashima and Brooksby

    I would love for Brooksby to give him a good match. It could potentially be a big day for tennis in America. Lots of people with Labor Day off, just flipping channels. Casual fans could get interested in a young American testing Djokovic going for the grand slam. Could be one of the biggest days...
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    Nakashima and Brooksby

    Gotta love Baylor milking Brooksby’s cup of coffee time in Waco.
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    Generic ESPN/TennisChannel Complaint Thread

    I think the coverage has been good so far. They showed all of the critical tiebreaks today and did a nice job going around courts. It's much better than the disaster that was the tennis channel's French Open coverage
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    The safest hitter of all time

    Easy answer. Somdev Devvarman
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    SEC Tennis

    Great comeback win for Rinderknech
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    Chances of Texas and OU moving to SEC for FB and effects on tennis?

    I mean at some point it's monopoly money right? Texas and Oklahoma already have pristine facilities in basically every sport. Like you said in the other post, where will all the etxra money go? Will we even see a tangible difference?
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    Chances of Texas and OU moving to SEC for FB and effects on tennis?

    there’s definitely been far worse performances in the CFB playoff against Alabama than Washington’s was.
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    Chances of Texas and OU moving to SEC for FB and effects on tennis?

    its bad overall I think. Very weird for an entire part of the country to not have a major conference and instead be picked apart.
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    Ivy League

    Columbia commit Samir Banerjee up a set in the Wimbledon junior boys final
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    Stanford Men

    Fery lost after being up 2 sets to love in the final round of Wimbledon qualifying
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    Why do people always bring up their degrees in tennis arguments on this forum?
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    Clemson chooses to be the #3 seed in Waco. Glad to see them chose to participate m. I was worried they may pass. Little stale to play ACC foe Miami in round 1 but exciting to go a new locale. I might’ve chose the #4 in Fort Worth instead or #4 at USC (with the budget allowing).
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    Why do people say this? Of course a player isn’t intentionally throwing a racquet or hitting balls at an opponent or official. If they were they should be banned from the sport. The act of throwing the racket in an angry manner is entirely intentional. It didn’t slip out of his hand.