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    Tiger Woods in serious single car accident

    Shocked to hear this news. Tiger has been one of my favorite athletes since I was a kid, I took up the game when me and my dad used to watch him lift trophies every Sunday afternoon. Really hope he is okay and makes a smooth recovery
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    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    Rafa is still ahead as of now cuz of 20>18 but I wouldn't be surprised if Djoker overtook him soon. Rafa has significantly more arguments over Fed than he does over Djoker tbh
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    Big3 no2

    So who among them has been in the top 2 the longest? Serious question, I'm too lazy to Google and do addition lol
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    Big 3: Top 5 match wins at each slam

    We'll measure based on everything ranging from drama, historical importance, quality, and level of play. Federer Australian Open: 1. 2017 F vs Nadal 2. 2004 F vs Safin 3. 2017 SF vs Wawrinka 4. 2010 F vs Murray 5. 2018 F vs Cilic French Open: 1. 2011 SF vs Djokovic 2. 2009 SF vs Del Potro 3...
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    Murray says Next Gen a long way off Big 3

    Facts. If Murray was born in 1997 instead of 1987, he’d be cleaning the floor with the next gen for the following decade. He surely would’ve taken some slams from the big 3 by now too if he was 10+ years younger than them.
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    Predict the Future of the Big Three

    Fed is done sadly, there’s just no way a 40 year old man wins a slam after two knee surgeries I think Nadal has 2-3 more majors in him. It’ll either be 3 RG titles or 2 RG titles and another elsewhere Djoker is a wildcard. I don’t want him to equal/pass Fed but it looks very likely he will...
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    Were Djokovic's losses to Murray in slam finals inexcusable?

    Many newer fans don’t remember this but it wasn’t until 2015 that Djokovic was viewed as several tiers better than Murray. Outside of that insane stretch Joker had from AO 2011-AO 2012, Djokovic was not “that” much better than Murray to the point where you’d expect Nole to pound him every time...
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    Rank Djokovic's nine AO titles

    His most dominant ones were 2008, 2011 and 2019 but his most epic was obviously 2012. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say the 2012 AO was probably the height of the big 4 era. Nadal/Berdych was an awesome match, Fedal semis was very high level, the 5-hour Djokray semis was incredible, and...
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    Every slam final since 2017 with no-big 3

    Yeah I watched some of the highlights just now from those semis and it could really go either way. Dimitrov seemed a bit more explosive in his movement but Wawrinka was absolutely ripping the ball against Fed. It's a finals I would've rooted to get 9 times out of 10 and that case was the 1...
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    Every slam final since 2017 with no-big 3

    Thiem was playing incredibly well down under that year. He beat Nadal (the top seed), an in-form Zverev, and took Djokovic to five in the finals (only the second player to ever do so). Raonic with his stiff robotic movement would've lost in 4 to Thiem at most
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    My two cents on Andy Murray's legacy

    Yeah they were also unfortunate to run into Federer at his peak. 2003/04 Roddick would've taken players like Zverev and Citybus to school Murray was a bit more "unlucky" though since he ran into 3 GOAT-level players in their primes while Hewitt/Roddick ran into one
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    My two cents on Andy Murray's legacy

    On the surface it may seem like the big 3's recent slam wins in their 30s while Murray sits on the sidelines, semi-retired, has left the Scot in the dust and killed any chance of him being remembered as part of the big 4, but many don't seem to look at it on the flip side. In the last 15 years...
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    Every slam final since 2017 with no-big 3

    Idk I feel like Grigor's form at the time was better than Stan's. When they kept playing each other during that stretch, the Bulgarian was often in very poor form
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    Every slam final since 2017 with no-big 3

    The careers of so many players would've changed drastically: - Del Potro would have 4 slams with 3 US Opens (in this scenario it would've been more than Nadal, Djokovic, Agassi, and Edberg lol) and a YEN1 in 2018 - Wawrinka would have one more major than Murray (the Mury-GOAT haters would've...
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    Every slam final since 2017 with no-big 3

    The most brutal part of this scenario is Thiem, Del Potro and Wawrinka all having more total majors than Murray......unimaginable lol