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    Which player is mentally the strongest?

    It was always between Nadal and Sampras imo but I think Nole absolutely deserves to be on this list as well.
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    Damn that’s just a tough tough pill to swallow for Federer. Congrats to djoker though that was some insane stuff right there. I know this is an overkill topic but this is honestly the first time Fed’s slam count has realistically looked like it is probably gonna be eclipsed by either Djokovic...
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    Fed has to win this game if he wants to win this match. Don’t know if he can recover from being broken again
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    If Novak wins this I think he’ll continue dominating for a lot longer cuz if he pulls through here it’s gotten to the point where imo Fed simply can’t beat Novak at any major anymore whil Rafa can’t beat Novak at any major outside RG anymore.
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    The position Fed’s in rn reminds me of where Rafa was last year against Novak. Theyre both barely clinging onto their service games all throughout this last set since they both serve last. Roger tryna finish the job that Rafa sadly couldn’t last year. Fed gonna redeem this for the sake of Fedal ;)
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    Gotta feel for Novak though since the whole crowds been 100% behind Roger this entire time. Then again this isn’t the first time he’s experienced something like this. Anyways, Rog has to hold
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    Rafa Fans..who you rooting for?

    I spoke to a couple Nadal fans and they said they’d much rather have Roger be the all time leader than have Novak “relegate” Rafa to 3rd on the slam list so I’m gonna guess they’re going for Roger here
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    Will Azarenka ever get back to her old level

    Doubt she’ll get back to her form from 2011-2013 as she was clearly a lot more strong and fit at the time compared to now. She’s gonna be 30 in a month and hasn’t looked like the same player since her maternity leave, but I hope to see her competing as she has a very versatile game (which is a...
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Toy Story 4. I'm not gonna lie, I was VERY close to shedding some tears there near the end. I personally liked the first three ones a bit more (in terms of nostalgia and the story-lines), and was skeptical about making another one after the third one ended so perfectly, but I'm glad they did as...
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    Today 10 years ago - Death of Michael Jackson

    Pretty crazy that it's been 10 years since MJ passed. Gotta say, he's one of my fav musical artists of all time and was a once in a lifetime talent; it's a shame his life off-stage was so turbulent.
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    Best match of 2009 was?

    Gotta go with Nadal and Verdasco, that was easily one of the craziest matches I’ve seen in my lifetime. And damn what a great year 2009 was in tennis; overall, what a great stretch of years from like 2007-2013 were for the sport. Imho, if guys like Zverev and Thiem were around then, I doubt...
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    Nadal vs Kyrgios; tennis needs more of this

    This is pretty much tennis’ version of Kevin Durant vs Patrick Beverly where an average player tried showing up a superstar, which led to KD saying “you know who I am” and he preceded to absolutely destroy Beverly and the Clippers ultimately ending their season. Honestly though, if I’m Nadal I...
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    Just can't get into Djokovic!

    It’s true that some athletes simply aren’t as entertaining as their counterparts, it obviously doesn’t take anything away from their abilities and achievements but that’s just how it is: Djokovic isn’t as interesting as Federer and Nadal Sampras wasn’t as interesting as Agassi Lendl wasn’t as...