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    Yonex Custom Fit

    Definitely not Yonex. That would never leave their factory. Did the person applying mistake it for an overgrip?
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    Which Masters 1000 would you most want to attend?

    The grass one...oh, nevermind
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    Help on buying new stringing machine!

    The ghost is the only way to go at that price point. There’s really no other option with all the wants you want. Not to mention, it’s an awesome machine @SavvyStringer and I have the ghost 1 and we can both attest how great it is.
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    The Bull is back

    His knees (or ankle, hip, abdominals, peck, shoulder, wrist, foot, toe) are looking better. That red clay must have some serious healing properties.
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    How would you handle this?

    It's your business right? While it might be jerky to still charge him, you should. It's not your fault he provided you with old grommets. You didn't offer him old grommets. Explain to him (and point out) that the grommets split mostly likely due to age and brittle material. There wasn't...
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    Replacement Clamps For Gamma?

    Asking for a friend. They have a Gamma 7500 els and the clamps can hardly hold the string anymore. They have resorted to sanding the clamps to get some friction (yeah, I don’t recommend it). I was looking around and couldn’t figure out which clamps are the right ones, 5 tooth universal or 4...
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    Tool suggestions

    I have the Kimony awl; it's a bit strange because it's not tapered like a normal awl. It has a point then has a short taper to the barrel. Makes opening grommets a little challenging. If you had emailed Xuron, they would replace the snips since they have a lifetime warranty. I did it and got a...
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    Alpha Accuswing 2

    I feel you on this one. They are incredibly hard to find these days. I absolutely love the Prince PTC, but they cannot be found in the US anywhere. I see them all over Europe and S. America on Instagram. Plus, the TWU way of doing it manually makes it a much longer process than it should be; not...
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    Alpha Accuswing 2

    I think so, I saw the price somewhere but can't find it now. Here's a link to a store in the UK. I imagine they aren't cheap to ship over:
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    Alpha Accuswing 2

    Yep, I’ve seen it and it’s an awesome machine. But it’s also $3,600. A bit rich for my blood.
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    Alpha Accuswing 2

    Please let me know what you find. Weird that basically all swingweight machines have vanished.
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    Rafa's biggest loves in life.

    I’d say Mirka has done a lot more for Roger than Xcisa has done for Raphael.
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    Recently back into tennis, suggestions needed!

    VCORE 98 (red or black). Solid frame with good spin potential. Not super stiff. Worth a try
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    Wilson racquets with new checkerboard graphics

    It's nothing new. It's the same frames with new paint, they're calling it "BOLD" .
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    Ostapenko gear

    It's not a new racquet, just a paint job. "BOLD" line. All current frames with the B&W PJ: The “BOLD” black and white design will include signature rackets from several of Wilson’s core franchises including: Pro Staff 97L (USD $249.00) Blade 98S ($229.00) Ultra 100L (USD $199.00) Ultra 26 ($89.00)