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    Nadal stem cell treatment.

    This place hasn't changed at all. :-o
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    Nadal - I played every match in 2013 with anti inflammatories.

    Nothing new. People who saw him after the IW final(or maybe other match, I don't remember exactly) last year said he was struggling to climb the stairs. I think this part is far more interesting.
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    If Nadal wins the Australian open could Djokovic potentially go slam less in 2014?

    I usually don't make predictions but I have a feeling that if Rafa wins AO, Djokovic will win Roland Garros. I can't decide if I would like this to happen or not.
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    Rafa and Bar for Sports Illustrated

    She posted a pic of her fridge saying these are great memories. I think she likes Rafa since he appears in 2 photos.
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    Rafa and Bar for Sports Illustrated

    I know this is an old photoshoot but the other day SI released some more behind the scenes photos.
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    Nadal News

    Fans with Rafa signs in Chennai even though he wasn't playing there. :)
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    Rafael Nadal is the Shawn Michaels of Tennis.

    Depends what you mean by following. I probably watched a few minutes but that's not important. You just have to look at their outfits. I've never seen anything more tasteless.
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    Rafael Nadal is the Shawn Michaels of Tennis.

    Sometimes I forget this is an American forum. Guess that explains why there are so many wrestling followers here. :? I just don't understand how everyone got so offended by the One Direction comparison when this thread is a lot more offensive.
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    Rafael Nadal is the Shawn Michaels of Tennis.

    Wrestling isn't a sport.
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    Why do people Like or Dislike Federer?

    I think this is the reason why I don't like him. And it's not just his fans who think that way. There are journalists and commentators who share the same view.
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    Why is 2016 Olympics Not on Clay

    Are you sure that it won't be on clay? This is from a recent interview: