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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Thanks. My thinking at the time was that the BA315 was close to the PMP in weight, sw, similar flat beam (unlike the Phantoms that taper to 16mm)...basically that the BA would be a *bit* easier, without being a huge change. And it is a bit easier. But I'm not sure it's easier enough to really...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Right now I'm primarily using 360+ Prestige MPs [speaking of big discounts, those things are 130 euro at TWE]. I love using them but they love using me, too. I can't really imagine playing 3x per week with them, with what they take out of me. I'm using the 315g Black Ace as a backup. Definitely...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I have to I have to think it'll play pretty close to the BA 300g, more than any of the algebra frames. I'm still anxious to try it...but I'm not at a high enough level right now where getting pushed around is a major concern
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    List of 16x20 frames

    Well...there's still the fact that racquet finder focuses on frames that TW sells (or sold). Which is most of them. One thing that crowd-sourcing could do would be to list 16x20s *not* on TW's list. You mentioned the Diadems...there are probably others from smaller manufacturers....
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    USPS packages just sitting in dist centers for days and days

    I sold a racquet in Feb. that took 3 days to get from the central post office to the airport dist center, and then sat at the airport for 8 days before starting its journey. Almost 2 weeks to leave the state. USPS Priority 2-3 day. Fortunately the buyer was patient. If I'm buying, I'm looking...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Funny how the synergy and ripstick both get an 82 overall, but the ripstick is higher than 82 in almost every category while the synergy is below 82 in a bunch of them. Chris rarely has much negative to say ,(too much of a retail pro) so I tend to pay attention to Mark's comments.
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    Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro 97 2021

    That one's new to me, but I'm guessing it's Taiwan, where PKs are made.
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    Pro Kennex Black Ace 300

    Looks pretty good in red.
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    Most flexible, softest, mushy, noodle bendiest rackets of all time

    I've hit with a Wilson Triad 5 (26 RA). Not really a noodle . . . just really disconnected. I hit with a Triad 5 (RA of 26?) a couple years ago, coming back from TE. Definitely not a noodle. The flex isn't uniform like on a thin box beam. It's where the hoop attaches to the throat. You can...
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    Diadem Sports Racquets

    Diadem's fb page linked to a video with Japanese reps demo-ing a couple new frames. I only skimmed the video and I can't read the language, but one of the captions for the Elevate section was 290. And there was a Nova with 105 on the frame. So I'm guessing there's a 290g Elevate to go with the...
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    What are you liking at the moment in 2021?

    Played a couple hours today, and the 360+ PMP is starting to nose ahead. Started to get better serves in, which was the biggest thing holding me back. A couple more days like this and the contest will be over...
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    What are you liking at the moment in 2021?

    Back and forth between Prestige MP and Diadem Elevate. Love the control of the PMP, but I'm serving better with the Elevate. I *feel* like I play better overall with PMP (fewer errors), but so far results have favored the Elevate. Just started playing matches again over the last couple weeks, so...
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    What Are Folks' Shoe Preferences These Days?

    I haven't had any problems. The v3 soles are definitely more rigid than any running or training shoes I've owned. I migt stay away from the Wave Exceed SLs, though. Those are definitely lighter construction. I should point out that I'm pushing 50 and look more like the statistician I am than...
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    Which Pro Kennex racquet to buy

    I always use an overgrip because my hands perspire, and they're cheap. But that's all personal preference. If you like the feel of the racquet grip, you can play without an overgrip. You can replace the grip that comes with the racquet if it gets worn. It's not a big expense.