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  • Hi, coachrick,

    I'm trying to find out the value of a Pancho Segura Sweetspot in near mint condition. It has the open string pattern and a cover in like condition.

    Any help appreciated.

    Jim Howell
    Dang...I don't have any idea. It was a pretty basic racket(like a Strato or Kramer Auto or Players Special), so not "exotic" in that sense. I gave all my wood rackets to a fellow who has a family/friends "woodie" tournament each year. I'm pretty much out of the wood racket world. Good luck!
    hi coach rick. do you have the stringing instructions for seamless Ken rosewell?
    I don't . I've got Wilson T-series directions around somewhere, but that's no help. I don't know if I could string a Seamless from memory after 40 years!!! It would be really disappointing to have one or more of the "loops" to crack or fail while stringing one of careful if you take a "swing" at it. Good luck!
    Hey Coach do you know of any good racquet stringing services? I live in a rural area and there doesnt seem to be anyone around I can get to string several I have. Thanks in advance for your time.
    If you are speaking of north Austin area, I would recommend NewTech on McNeil near 183. I'd normally recommend ME; but I've been out of the loop for quite a while.
    Hey coach, I went down to Austin for a couple day Dallas get away a few weeks ago and forgot about you :(
    Would have been great to meetup for a few hits, some BBQ, and/or a good micro brew. Would love to do another.
    Hope all is going well !
    Hey coach, wondering if you know Marshall Schubert ? We had a meetup in Dallas and he is now at the Newport HOF for the TCA and some of the tennis
    Cheers, Joe
    Hi coachrick, I have a vintage woodie that I can't identify. I used to play a lot of tennis in my youth and one thing I've carried through is I'm now a keen collector of vintage racquets from the late 70s and 80s. I picked up an old racquet with the wooden frame .. Mouse trap version. I've tried to identify it through Google searches .. Various websites etc. with no joy. I posted on here but couldn't post a pic so no response. Can I send you the details so you can check if you can shed any light on the matter? I got the racquet from a person who played with it in the 1950s in Kenya.
    South Africa
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