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    Dunlop International Racket - single shaft steel

    Sold exactly two of those at our shop ca '73-'74. Brutally hard handle material and the racket would twist your wrist/hand like crazy on off-center hits.
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    Vintage volkl

    I'm afraid my Volkl years were a bit later...mid/late-'90s forward(My teaching years were from the late '70s to the early 2000s). I played the various 8, 9, and 10 series frames for those years...Comp this, Pro that, Tour this, DNX that... Sold a TON of Volkls until ca 2005 when I started...
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    Dunlop max 800i info

    Lots of warping in the Southeastern US...high heat combined with high bueno The 400i SHOULD have been a phenomenal frame; but it barely was a blip on the radar in Atlanta(with 45,000 league players during that time).
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    Vintage volkl

    I actually played about a half-dozen Volkl models when I was on their teaching staff; but I couldn't hit the T9 to save my life! o_O
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    Dynamic string patterns?

    In simple terms, the wider spacing around the perimeter of the face allowed for more "give" and cushion on off-center shots(regardless of style of play) and the denser strings in the "sweet spot" gave more durability as the ball impact was distributed over a greater number of strings. Wilson...
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    Classic Racket Pics

    White Max??? Did they get mixed up with Dunlop ??? ;)
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    Looking to compile a history of Rossignol rackets

    Did anyone notice the trim string(trebling)???
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    A YAMAHA YFG 50 Fiberglass Racquet

    I was never so wrong as I was the time we were figuring out which of the Ceramic Yamahas to order. At that time, I figured the 90 and 110 series would reach the greatest number of folks(either end of the spectrum, size-wise). The boss sort of dabbled on either end as I suggested but put the...
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    Yonex R1, R3

    It was around that time that Yonex changed the shape of the shoulders in those composites...especially the 22. They had SO many crack at the "corners", partly from impact with the court; but also from the frame's "breathing" while being strung on the near-ubiquitous two-point mounting machines...
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    A YAMAHA YFG 50 Fiberglass Racquet

    The Yamaha motorcycle advertising tag line was...."Some day, you'll own a Yamaha". We used that line in the shop where we sold the first Yamaha rackets in the area. I played the 124/128/130...all fairly similar to the HEAD Comp 2 and others....dead as heck at the top of the face like a wood...
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    Yonex R1, R3

    Had one of my best "wins" using my R-10 demo with VS gut back in '84 or thereabouts. The R-22 was flying off the shelves at the time(Thank you, Martina.1) The R-7 was fairly popular; but the R-10 was an expensive sleeper. It was JUST enough stiffer that I liked it much more than the 7. I...
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    Yonex R1, R3

    I've got a few of those...standard size as well as over/m+; but I don't recall seeing a model label on any of them. I need to check because my memories of the mid-'80s ain't so good! ;) Agree with RDM...the oversize (3?) felt like a balloon compared to the 7500, 8500. I don't think the nylon...
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    Looking for anyone that owns Babolat RDC machine..

    I've got folks in the Pickleball realm who wonder if a swingweight measuring device would be useful with Pickleball paddles. With a much shorter lever arm(max 17") and total weight(usually under 9oz), I'm not so sure the racket diagnostic machines would be useful. (Not much interest in total...
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    Dumbest “racquet technology”

    I thought the name came from the sound many folks make upon seeing this thing for the first time: "ERGE!!!" followed by: "ACKK!!!"
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    Picked up this Prince Boron...

    This thread popped up even though there is no new post??? Looking back, I don't recall a Prince Boron with NO grommets. There is mention of this; but it's hard to believe they would make such an expensive frame with NO string/frame protection. It's not like it came out in the '70s.