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    Henins mistake - she ended the Williams/Capriati rule

    i'm not from the states and I hate williamses/capriati and esp JHH your theory is stupid
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    Don't feel sorry for Justine ( article)

    more herpes bashing articles
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    Enough with the Justine bashing!

    she should keep playing. duh.
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    Maybe Henin has more guts than u think

    Maybe Henin has more Y chromosomes than you think
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    Who is setting thier alarm for the middle of the night to watch the Men's Final

    What kind of options is that What about those who live in Australia you ignorant poc
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    JHH interview comments /spoiler/

    I wanna see all the top players bag out herpeshardenne
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    Badass Baghdatis

    you know in some countries they only eat vomit
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    Mark Philippoussis vs Sebastien Grosjean *spoiler*

    dunno but he beat grosjean in wimbledon semi's in str8 before
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    any news on Puerta?

    oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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    Primary muscles used for serving

    I do'nt need to work out my swing is fast enough like sanada invisible swing
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    Marius Hancu became a Legend !!!

    his real name is marius pudzianowski
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    Mary Pierce is a cheater - "Spoiler"

    yeah but dementieva is hot and pierce is not
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    you gotta see this!!!!

    best rhead everasdf
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    Dear Roger Federer,

    Dear Greg, You are a F_A_G
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    Confession: I don't like Mary Pierce

    If I was the trainer i'd fk up her back.