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    Prince Phantom 100X 305

    I use it. I added a decent amount of lead to get it to 12 oz static (strung), 7 points headlight, and 340 sw. It is nearly perfect with the modifications. Buttery feel with adequate power. But you need full strokes to really be able to use it well. It’s nice in stock form but felt a bit...
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    Kristen & Erik: Phantom 100X 305?

    FWIW I play with a weighted up 100X 305. I put 10g in the handle and 4g at 12. That gives me plenty of plowthrough and the right amount of power. While you may not want the extra weight in the handle, I do recommend adding weight in the upper hoop; it really opens up the potential of the stick...
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    Can I go Pro? (Or at least go to D1)

    No you can’t. You have zero chance. Less than zero. Anyone telling you otherwise is delusional and doing you a disservice.
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    Jhreamer's Progress Thread

    Ha. No shade intended. It’s just that the rest of your game seems appropriate for someone who only recently took up the game. But your serve is prodigy status.
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    Jhreamer's Progress Thread

    It’s amazing how your serve is light years ahead of the rest of your game. Nice playing.
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    I finally found the secret to sliding on HC...

    How can you have your weight on your back foot? Do you mean after you step with the outside (front) foot into the slide, you then transition your weight to the back foot?
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    Experienced players; what do you know now, that you wish you'd known when you started tennis?

    I wish someone would have explained how important it is to be relaxed, e.g. no tension in your arm, wrist, etc. I used to try to muscle the ball for some unknown reason. Also, footwork. That should have been half of every lesson I took. I feel like tennis is 80% footwork.
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    Racquet Lag in takeback

    Having a really loose wrist helps the natural action of the lag if the rest of the kinetic chain is working properly (hips, torso, arm, etc.) If you’ve got tension in your wrist during your swing, you’re doing it wrong.
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    Just add weight. I use a 100x 305 that I weighted up to 12 oz and has plenty of power, especially if you don’t string it too tight.
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    Advice on what racquet to go with

    Unless you’re eating the lead tape, you shouldn’t worry about using it. You should try the new pure aero VS. It’s a bit less powerful and less stiff. You can also add some lead tape at 9 and 3 to increase stability at net and give more pop on your serve without changing the swing weight or...
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    Advice on what racquet to go with

    You made it clear why don’t like the pure Aero, but what exactly are you looking for in a new stick (other than more control)?
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    Players with ball machines, how many court hours do your balls last?

    I second the opinion above regarding Tretorn Micro X. They last until the fuzz wears off, at which point they will actually start to pop. The felt lasts pretty well but varies depending on the amount of spin the machine creates and how much spin you hit with. My machine doesn’t produce spin...
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    Full bed Poly string alternative

    Because the poly in the crosses lets the main string slide easily against it producing more spin. Plus, the mains are what affect the feel and performance most so many players prefer to have the better-feeling string there.
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    Full bed Poly string alternative

    There are very good multis for under $10 like Technifibre Multifeel and Head Velocity MLT. If you don’t like a full bed for some reason you can hybrid those with a poly in the crosses. Isospeed Cream is really nice for the price.