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    Rate Karatsev's RG 2021 Outfit

    Not a fan of it! Looks very cheap imo. Uninspiring haha
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    Wimbledon going ahead

    Come on Serena!! Time for number #24!
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    The best tennis outfit ever is?

    I agree with people saying Venus, she has so many nice and crazy outfits over the years with her Eleven brand!
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    Is Federer the mentally weakest GOAT of all time?

    Lol, is OP a Fed hater? I think a better question would be, is Djokovic or Nadal the mentally strongest player out of the BIG 3?
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    Who's the better 39 yo at this stage? Fed or The Mother ?

    I agree, no way Serena would have lost to Brady in the final! She was so close.
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    Best American prospect in 2021

    Taylor Fritz. He was the only player to really challenge Djokovic at the AO this year, if he can sustain that level he should achieve good results imo!
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    Murray vs. Hewitt

    Murray > Hewitt Higher level of competition in Murray's era!
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    Medvedev and Osaka

    I definitely think Osaka can get to 10+ slams, and she she is working really hard to adapt her game to grass and clay, so its just a matter of time, when she makes a slam breakthrough on one of those surfaces! She has such easy power and has good movement as well. I also think her...
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    This really doesn't change much...

    Nadal is the real GOAT, followed by Djokovic and Roger is #3!!
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    Is Thiem finished? Vol 2.0

    I know, he was projected to meet Stan and Thiem on the way, and both are out now. Just hope his injury isn't too serious, I don't really see him losing to Raonic, but Zverev could challenge him in the QF, if both make it that far.
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    Is Thiem finished? Vol 2.0

    Seems like his was mentally tired (as well as physically) from the Kygrios match. 6-0 in the 3rd set though, ouch. Would love to see dimitrov at least makes the semis, he never truly lived up to his potenital.
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    The Genius of Hsieh

    I absolutely love Hsieh!! She is so craft, unorthodox and has alot of variety! Very refreshing to see someone with her game, instead of all those power players! She is so humble and funny as well in her press conferences lol Her game reminds of Aga Radwanska, but with a bit more power!!
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    Murray vs Verdasco. Higher peak level at the AO?

    I would probably say Verdasco. His matches against Nadal in 2009 and again in 2019 were of a very high quality! But Murray was much more consistent during his peak years! Its a shame that he was denied of an AO title by Djokovic, so many times.
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    Novak Djokovic has only 6 titles on grass

    Another thread trying to discredit the legacy of Djokovic. What's new? haha. Whether you like it or not, he's won 5 Wimbledon titles! At the end of his career, how many other grass titles outside of Wimbledon he's won is quite insignificant.
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    Slam Predictions for 2021

    AO - Thiem RG - Nadal W - Djokovic USO - Medvedev