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    Metaltek Customer Service

    I've owned my Playmate Volley since 2009, and over the past 9 years it's been a workhorse. Recently I had a problem with it shutting off after only several minutes of operation, beeping constantly as if the battery was completely depleted (which wasn't the case - brand new battery). After...
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    Can you and/or would you put a Wise 2086 on a Gamma X-2 Stringer?

    Hey Steve, saw a post of yours I'd like to ask you about via e-mail. If you would please, contact me Thanks!
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    Ball Machine For A High School

    While the Playmate lacks the bells & whistles you find on other machines in your price range, if you're buying a machine to use at your high school, that's the brand to go with, and I would recommend the Volley with an extra battery. I would also recommend picking up an extra charger as well...
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    Wise 2086 after sales service?

    Have you called? I've had my 2086 for almost 4 years and recently the contacts in the button that activates the tension head went tango-uniform. Called them up, can't recall the guy's name I spoke to, but told them I needed a replacement switch ($25). I expected that didn't include shipping...
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    Anyone stencil logos?

    I've read that on these boards before, and have always been . . . amused that some people actually get mad over a tennis ball (of all things) getting marked up by black strings or ink from a logo.
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    A guy I string for looking to trade a reel (used - minus 6 sets) of Babolat PHT for reel of Wilson Sensation. His history of tennis elbow convinced him it's the wrong string for his style of play & racquet.
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    I want a sturdy ball hopper. Not this flimsy Wilson crap.

    The Gamma EZ Travel cart folds up nicely and has a bag for the support frame (which is well built). The ball bag zips up to retain the balls and has two straps for carrying. Yes, the Ballport is plastic, but it's quite sturdy, and the wheels are a nice addition.
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    More durable alternative to Alpha Gut 2000?

    If pocketing is high on your priority list poly isn't what you're looking for. The softest poly I've played with is Poly Star Energy, and it's ridiculously soft, but the pocketing isn't on par with a multi like Alpha Gut. On top of that, Poly Star's tension maintenance is extremly poor. You...
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    Head RIP Control + Graphene XT Speed Pro

    I think experimenting with different tensions is always a smart move, however, Rip Control is an inherently low powered multi, hence lowering the tension will yield minimal gains in terms of power. That said, if you're playing with 16g you might consider giving 17g a go. The 17g is livelier...
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    Pros Pro?

    I see the puppet master is at it again lol.
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    I never suggested he decide within a certain time frame; I merely stated that he should read more and stop making threads every time a though pops into is head. With a $600 dollar budget there are only a few machines on your radar. It's safe to say he's probably not looking at a Klippermate...
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    Liam, I'm guessing you're a high school kid. You've opened a number of threads (six I believe) about stringing machines. My advice to you would be to read as much as you can (especially the sticky on "Guide to Buying Stringing Machines), then make a decision. Sooner rather than later I'm...
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    OK Need Help Deciding What To Buy...

    If you believe you'll be stringing 2-4 racquets a week for extensive periods of time, and let's say you're marking up your stock $2 per set and charging $15 labor per restring. Over a six month period you'll clear a minimum of $864, a maximum of $1,632. Odds are you'll end up somewhere in...
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    Attention Playmate Ball Machine Owners

    Yep, I snapped a few pics, but not of the controller board end. I sent it off immediately because I needed it back quick. They turned it in 2 days after receipt, had it back in the mail t o me. If I get time today I'll post the pic of the cable end.
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    Attention Playmate Ball Machine Owners

    I recently found out the hard way that after years of use the power cable that connects to the controller board can start to corrode on the pins, resulting in a build up of heat. Eventually the heat generated from the excess corrosion fuses the connector to the board, ultimately breaking the...