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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Wilson Clash

    How does the flex, feel and stability compare to the C10 pro?
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    forehand analysis

    You need to have a much more active left arm on your forehand. Right now your left arm is essentially dead weight and that is part of the reason your forehand looks weird and is very inconsistent. Using your off arm will help you with preparation, timing, shoulder turn (backwards and...
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    A polarized heavy racquet helps me much, but swings are slow

    In my opinion you are fooling around with too much lead too quickly. It is difficult to make meaningful decisions when you are changing things around without giving yourself more time with each setup. Also, 1 gram at 12 oclock adds roughly 4 units of swingweight. So 8 grams at 12 adds about...
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    Top-tier players who slide on hardcourts

    If you're changing direction fast enough, at some point your momentum will be greater than the friction between your shoes and the court. Then you will slide whether you like it or not. In order to do it safely and with control YOU MUST LOWER YOUR CENTER OF GRAVITY by significantly bending the...
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    Does not having young people discourage young people?

    This behavior is common and frankly can make tennis players as a whole look bad. The sour grapes of some (not all) older players is ridiculous and you have to learn to brush it off and see it for what it is -- insecurity. Athleticism is part of the game, no excuses. It would be like having a...
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    USTA Level ratings videos...

    Can't say much without a view from behind the baseline. As others have mentioned, everything changes when you force someone to move instead of a meatball feed down the middle. Mental toughness under pressure is huge and doesn't show on video either. I will say that the male 3.0 looked better...
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    MSV focus hex 1.18 v 1.23

    Thanks guys. Any other experiences with the comfort and control differences between 1.18 vs 1.23?
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    MSV focus hex 1.18 v 1.23

    Hi all, I recently have hit with focus hex 1.18 strung at 51 lbs. First hour or two was quite boardy and I was not impressed. Afterwards it opened up and was quite nice and very durable. What I liked was the controlled decline in playability -- nothing amazing but good overall and with a long...
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    Blatant Foot Faulting in Tourney

    I have seen a player who steps a full foot into the court before he makes contact on serve. He footfaults on the vast majority of his first and second serves. And he hits a flat serve with low margin and is not very tall himself. He also likes to rush the net sometimes. It's BS and it makes...
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    Playing against weak players?

    Inexperienced players rarely think about how far within themselves their opponent might be playing. 'Cause imagining that might be uncomfortably close to the truth.
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    Playing against weak players?

    This is the harsh truth that many people avoid admitting to themselves. Your opponent is not to blame for your shortcomings. Your game is not complete enough yet to effectively deal with a wide range of shots to win against these so-called weaker players. Work on rounding out your skills and...
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    Prince Beast 98

    Can I ask what you didn't like about it? And can you comment whether you experienced the maneuverability issues that Sean and Hannah talked about. The specs look very interesting to me, but the TW review is very lukewarm and there seems to be less excitement about it than I would expect.
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    98 sq inch racket shootout

    I didn't gel with the AI 98, it didn't feel right. It was ok overall but the launch angle was a bit too low for my preference. I like being immune to the low slice, and with the AI 98 I start to hit the tape. I think the DR 98 would be almost identical in that category. It could have been...