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    Diet and exercise tips along with tennis to lose 10lbs?

    the only thing is in a match you can have instant feedback (win point lose point). losing weight is a whole different thing
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    Search for a smooth poly string

    pro line x
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    How to handle a weak group?

    @Nostradamus that's kind of mean :(
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    How to handle a weak group?

    what if they live a life where they are competitive at school, competitive at work, and competitive in all other things but they just want to play tennis to have fun?
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    How to handle a weak group?

    It turns out I'm one of those people. I just prefer to play 10 pointers without serving just because it keeps the pace up. It's just a lot more "fun" in my opinion. On the other hand, I played in tons of matches during my high school career so I understand the appeal of playing sets.
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    Suddenly, Out of Nowhere, Serving Bombs

    @Shroud I'm sure you get asked this a lot but do you ever wear anything other than a hoodie and sweats while playing tennis?
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    Soft synthetic gut for POG oversize. This table gives raw stiffness ratings of different strings. Obviously the softest strings are predominantly natural gut, but there are some very soft synthetic guts like Head FXP Tour, Tourna Quasi Gut, Monogut ZX, and...
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    String breaking problem- looking for a durable poly

    4G is durable but from what I hear isn't that great of a string. Maybe Luxilon BBO? Otherwise you could try a cheaper poly like Gosen Polylon or one of the softer Kirschbaum poly's
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    Soft synthetic gut for POG oversize.

    Lower the tension down to 55 or so. 68lbs is super tight.
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    *NEW* Poly/Poly Hybrid thread (reviews and recipes)

    sonic pro edge mains and head hawk crosses
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    Diet and exercise tips along with tennis to lose 10lbs?

    Nice! My advice would be to set monthly goals for weight loss, and try not to judge daily changes as it is normal for your body to fluctuate 1-2 lbs due to water weight. If you see a total change of say, 5lbs, from month start to end, you can be fairly confident that you have lost that weight.
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    Tips for my serve?

    Ah sorry, I misspoke. Your grip looks continental, but a bit "pancakey" if that makes sense. My reference of "continental" as it relates to my serve is a bit more of an "eastern backhand?" grip.
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    How to stop sweating so much?

    ADD (I'm pretty sure it's professionally known as ADHD now) medications like ritalin or adderall are stimulants that primarily affect dopamine production or re-uptake. Ritalin functions by reducing the amount of dopamine that is "absorbed" by receptors and thus increasing the amount of dopamine...
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    Diet and exercise tips along with tennis to lose 10lbs?

    I think the weight gain due to increased muscle mass is slightly overstated, although I don't really know your lifting routine. I typically stick to barbell focused lifting regimens, like 5x5 stronglifts, or I'll do some full body stuff like barbell complexes. I also spend a lot of time...
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    Babolat string savers - do you use them on your gut/poly?

    If you haven't gotten an answer yet I think what you are referring to on the throat are power pads. They're just leather pads that used to be used to help natural gut not get sawed by the sharp edges on wooden racquets. I think that they're not needed now with modern grommets, but a lot of...