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    Toni Nadal believes that Rafael Nadal will be back on tour at Australia in 2022

    Come on, this guy will retire in 2022.
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    Happy Birthday to the greatest hitter in the game!

    Saw him live in October 2013 (Basel) where he beat Federer in 3 sets. It was a great match!
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    Just letting everyone know now...

    Djokovic never lost after reaching the SF. He is a lock there, more so than Nadal at RG these days.
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    Casuals Will Be Talking Federer for the Next 25 Years

    Casuals won't even know who Federer is in 10-15 years.
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    In the final analysis, Federer actually came closer to the CYGS (TWICE)

    Coming close to CYGS means you won the first 3 slams in the first place lol.
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    Djokovic News

    It would be a shame to not finish #1 in a season where you won 27/28 GS matches.
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    Why was Federer incapable of beating Nadal at RG, unlike Djokovic?

    Short answer: Because he wasn't as good as Djokovic.
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    Is Wimbledon in trouble? Interest-wise, level wise.

    Don't see an issue. Wimbledon 2018 and 2019 were epic, 2020 didn't take place.
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    Big 3 Fans what are your wishes for remainder of the careers of your favourite player.

    1 more AO and 2 more Wimbledons for Djokovic, 10/2/8/3 would be good enough for me. Best HC and grass court player of all time.
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    Novak Fans - another AO, a third RG, or a fourth USO?

    W > AO/RG > USO for me. 7 Wimbledon titles would just be mindblowing. Double digit AO or tripple career GS on par and nobody cares about the USO anyway. It's not even considered a real slam these days.
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    You can change ONE match result from tennis history...

    Djokovic wins the USO 2021. Ends the GOAT debate forever.
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    ATP agrees to M1000 expansion

    This is a clear attempt to discredit Djokovics GOAT case.