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    Congrats Team HEAD

    I don't think he's an employee.
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    2021 All TT Team - 4.0 Men

    You guys need to manage scores better :) just kidding well played!
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    please suggest a soft poly, Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    Hyper G 17 gauge with a soft cross string is pretty nice. I’m testing Diadem Evolution as a cross now, it’s a monofilament polyamide.
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    2021 VCORE 97 VS 95

    Vc95 is an overall better stick for my game. More options for a lower/flat launch angle when wanted and lots of spin when needed. More accuracy and more maneuverable. VCP 97 310is a bit more stable, a bit more free power and feels a little more plush. It’s not as maneuverable and to me not as...
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    Best racket weight for an advanced 13yo boy?

    The kid next to my court had a Pro Staff V13 with lead tape all over the hoop from 10 to 2 o clock. He said the swing weight was 379. Kid could not have been more than 130 pounds soaking wet.
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    Vcore Pro Grommets

    @TW Staff Any updates on the Vcore Pro 97 2021 310 gram (blue, green, purple) grommet avail?
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    Head controls 50% of ATP finals..

    I rarely see any juniors playing a Speed not that many.
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    So I bought an Angell 28" Custom

    Good luck, the swing weight will be massive. My first Angell was a 330 gram unstrung 27.5" TC95 18x20 63RA, I think it was around 370SW.
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    Boom pj

    Is Boom replacing Instinct?
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    String storage conditions

    I'm pretty sure poly strings in the trunk of a hot car for an extended period of time will affect playability.
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    Is there a lower paying job than stringer?

    Plenty of lower paying jobs but mostly manual labor and working fast food. I charge 20 a frame it takes me 30 mins and I only do it for friends since I’m losing about 50 an hour at that rate compared to my day job
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    String and tension for Head Extreme Tour?

    This frame was weird. I had to string a bit higher to tame it but even at higher than normal tensions it vibrates a lot. Around high 40 to 50 with a 17 gauge poly was about right
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    TW Tungsten tape

    It's in stock now
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    NEW Prestige MP 360

    Curious if they brought the launch angle up a bit. I love low launch angles but the red one is too low.
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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    Is anyone else running into where the video doesn't ask you to tag players right when you end it but then asks you to process it for 1+hr?