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    4.5 junkball pusher with a 7:4 winning record

    I would want to ram my car into a pole if I had to play that guy
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    Marco Forehand A+

    Bought some Pallets from Marco, he's a good seller, quick shipping and item arrived as expected.
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    FS: Blade v7 18x20 L3 Grip

    I have a friend with a Clash 98 that may trade
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    WTB or Trace Angell pallets in size 4 1/2

    I'd buy some of your 4 3/8 pallets and butt caps but don't have any 1/2 to trade.
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    Shoes With Most Cushioning and comfort...

    GR8, I tried Zoom Zeros they were meh.
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    FS/T: RF 97 Black + Red/Black

    I'll take the black one if it doesn't have any major scratches/damage
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    Wanted: USRSA Stringer's Digest

    All the patterns are on klippermate's website
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    Salvage Gut/Poly fresh string job

    Let it sit overnight, it will drop tension then try again.
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    Will USTA refund league fees?

    No way in hell USTA will refund a dime of anyone's money.
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    Nike Tennis Shoes with React Foam

    While the flyknit is supper comfortable for walking around and running I wouldn't expect that upper style in a tennis shoe but I do love the react foam in the midsole and that's what I was looking for in a shoe. A stiffer upper doesn't bother me but I have foot pain in the heel. For now I'm...
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    Angell TC100 or Yonex Ezone 100 2020 version

    The specs for each pair ordered were identical 97's were 320 9pts, 95's were 330 10 pts. I don't recall the specifics but none of them were matched to the gram, IIRC it was around 3-4 grams off and balance point off by around 1 pt. I still disagree that build quality is on par with Yonex...