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    Playing Angry

    I play my best after I get pissed and then calm back down. If I stay mad I tend to overhit and make dumb unforced errors but it does help me ramp up my aggression when I'm playing tentative and getting beat.
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    Self rate explanation

    I'd say you're very close to 4.5 if not 4.5 already.
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    Texas Men's 4.0 18+ Sectionals - Aug. 14-16

    USTA doesn't give a crap about it's members just about collecting money. Time to go play UTR or something else.
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    Yonex vcore or vcore pro or ezone 100?

    If he needs control I wouldn't use any of the 100's. I'd go Vcore 95. Thin beam, 16x20 tighter pattern for more control, low flex rating to tame the extra power.
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    New strings as a birthday present - appreciated?

    Over/under on OP being 13?
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    If your life was on the line....what would be your string setup?

    Hyper G 18 (1.15) at 53 lbs
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    Quite a few of these have already hit the classifieds here used, hrmm.
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    Strings for 16x19 vs 18x20

    I use 18G for both, occasionally I'll use 16L in a 16x19 if I need to deaden the response a bit.
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    New stringer struggling with maintaining tension with poly knots on tie off

    Are you pulling the knot by hand or with a starting clamp? I found using a starting clamp helps a lot and you want to rock up and down the anchor string to take the slack out.
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    Can dumb people learn stringing?

    I'd say the tricky part is that you have to be a bit detail oriented, it's easy to miss one small thing like a misweave or tying off at the wrong place or skipping the wrong holes.
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    "just do normally, don't enlarge my holes"

    Ah ok thanks for the explanation. I assume if it breaks no big deal she probably has 8-10 backups
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    "just do normally, don't enlarge my holes"

    I don't get it, are the tie offs not the factory prescribed holes?
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    Longest local league drive in USTA leagues?

    Longest is probably a 25-30 mile drive, 40 mins I try and skip those
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    how Common is it to throw racquets?

    I've broken my fair share