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    Nike Turbo GP Information

    Is it confirmed that they‘re done? My fav shoes, have 3 pairs but want to stock up
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    My two L3 16/19 are 330SW strung
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    Wilson Burn 100LS + ________ orange string?

    Wilson revolve
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    What is the most arm friendly frame out right now?

    I have some serious problems with TE, as long as I string NG or multi hybrids with cream as crosses, I‘m able to play 3-4 times a week. But I tried some new poly 7 weeks ago, instantly got pain and couldn‘t play for 2 weeks. Bought a PK Ki Q+5 pro and the pain went away. I‘m able to use some...
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    JGads has a Blade Pro with 339SW, 16M in the europe sales section…
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    Mayami strings

    Used the big sae coupon code for the multi reel, had to pay roughly 45€ for customs&taxes. Next time I‘m ordering some velocity, cheaper and wirhout problems…
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    ProKennex similar to blade pro?

    I really like my blade pros, but after some intense hitting over serveral days I feel some pain in my elbow. Playing with gut/isospeed cream, so no better option stringwise. I‘m constantly working on my technique too… I heard that PK racquets are the arm-friendliest racquets on the market, which...
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    Federer ON Tennis Shoes Launching

    Where did you find the clay version?
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    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    I play the clay version now, slipped twice in my first game with the all courts. So far, everything good, I even got too much traction sometimes so it‘s hard to slide…
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    Arm friendly setup for a 4.5/5.0 36 year old flat hitter (probably a gut hybrid, but also considering multis)

    Try or tennis-point. They‘re selling the reel of triax at 199€...
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    Arm friendly setup for a 4.5/5.0 36 year old flat hitter (probably a gut hybrid, but also considering multis)

    Try tecnifibre triax mains and isospeed cream as crosses. Triax at 23kg 20%prestretched, cream at 22kg without prestretching. Soft feeling, a lot of power, no pain for me so far...
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    Vollaix review

    I have my own limit of 50€/shirt or pants because I‘m buying way too many things
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    Vollaix review

    Wanted to snap the denim/ pink shorts, but shipping to europe at 50usd makes it a no go. Any chance to buy it over here without those high shipping costs?
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    Nike 2021 general thread

    There‘s a budget version of the turbo online on ndc europe called vapor lite...
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    ON (The Roger) tennis shoes

    I bought the grey Clubhouse, wasn‘t impressed at first sight. After 3 days now, I really like the lightweight, cushioning and feel of them. They‘re kinda stiff but offer a lot of stability. I think they‘re more of a every day/office shoe, where you can wear them 10-12 hours without getting sore...