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    Return after Torn Hip Labrum

    Has anyone here had a torn labrum in their hip repaired? How long did you take to get back to hitting? I had mine repaired in 2 places about 5 weeks ago and just got off crutches. Feels good to walk again, wish I could go hit some but I know I can't. Wont even be trying to get on court for 4...
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    Ugliest tennis shoes ever?

    Holy crap I can't believe this thread is still going...and on the first page of the shoe board. Man I haven't been around TT in years... 5 years on though, those Reeboks are still freaking ugly!
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    Twitter users?

    Wow nice to see it only took 6 months to get this thread warmed up... :) Twitter is still a pretty geeky community and is even controversial within my industry (IT), but it does allow direct access to many people and organizations you wouldn't have access to before twitter, so I think it's...
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    the wilson k pro tour is on sale!

    Wondering if this is being discontinued...
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    Wilson Kpro Tour 96

    Naah, doesn't really seem any thicker than most modern rackets. Days of thin box beam stuff are long gone... I mean, if that's your thing then cool, but I didn't notice the beam width having any detrimental impact on how the racket played at all.
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    Wilson Kpro Tour 96

    I switched from my Fischer Magnetic Tour rackets to the KPro Tour 96 this year. I play various 4.0 leagues (mostly doubles), and 4.5 tournaments (mostly singles), so I get a good mix of style & level of play. Strength is my serve, and have a 1-hbh. Regardless of what most people say, I think...
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    K-Swiss Defier Misoul & my wide-load feet.

    No sweat...your review is what got me to buy them in the first place. ;-)
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    Any love for Fila?

    Guy on my tennis team says his Fila Alfas are like wearing slippers... loves them.
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    New Ballistec 1.3 Colorway For Summer

    Hello 1991, barely missed ya...
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    K-Swiss Defier Misoul & my wide-load feet.

    Wanted to add my 2 cents to the Misoul party since a few other TWers had tried them. Bought the K-Swiss Misouls off TW about 2 weeks ago. Got a chance to play 3 times in them, 2 hard court & 1 clay session, about 6 hours in total. Bottom line first: These are solid, classic feeling tennis...
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    Prince NFS Cobra Mid review.

    Not disputing you Al, but it would certainly be a miracle if they can get good cushioning in a sub 15 ounce *mid* shoe... that seems unbelievably light for such a shoe!
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    can someone understand what this person says?

    nm, I was thinking about a different quote. Sounded like he was just being complementary to Michael, not referring to the '06 maneuver.
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    can someone understand what this person says?

    "What Michael done today is amazing. I don't understand why the guy stop". He is referring to Schumacher "parking" his car on the qualifying lap in Monaco back in '06 (IIRC). He basically made a "driving error" in a tight turn that forced him to park his car, ending up blocking the track so...
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    K-Swiss Defier Misoul review with Photos.

    Great to hear, half my league matches are on clay. I just ordered up a pair, hopefully have them by the weekend and get a quickie review up to see if I can corroborate what everyone's saying. This is the first shoe I've looked forward to slipping on in a while. In recent history I've worn...
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    K-Swiss Defier Misoul review with Photos.

    I felt like the "performance" insole was a better fit than the "cushioning" insole--which did you use? The cushioning sole was definitely plush, but felt like it rode pretty high, the white performance one felt a little more aggressive, while still being comfortable. Need to get a pair of...