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    Who else (other than Fed) is an all-courter?

    Tsonga no should also add Haas to that
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    Greatest Belgium player ever- Henin or Clijsters

    Henin no doubt. She was the one womens tennis player I would watch whenever I could. I find the others to similar to watch.
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    GREED at the heart of burnout

    Interesting article :)
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    Madrid final- Davydenko vs Nadal

    Nadal injury? :twisted:
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    How Did Feliciano Lopez Get So Far Off Track With His BH?

    His BH is underrated because in past seasons its been quite poor. This year its much better.
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    Who has the best lookin serve on the ATP?

    I like Cilic's action quite a bit at the moment
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    Nadal vs Lopez (Shanghai SF 2009)

    nads in 2, maybe one tiebreaker if lopez is hitting well..
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    Djokovic vs Davydenko SF

    novak in 2
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    Nadal vs Soderling at the French Open

    I'm not saying that's not true but how many reasons do we need for Nadal's losses. He wasn't 100% on the day and got beat by a player who was insane on the day
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    Nadal vs Soderling at the French Open

    Why don't we agree that Soderling played really well and Nadal was also not 100%, thus contributing to his loss. The thing that gets me is many players in grandslams, master or any event have injuries or something that prevents them from playing 100% and in many cases we never here of this...
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    Nadal vs Ljubicic QF

    true. I hope your joking about hardcourt specialist though..
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    Del Potro is overated

    lol to this thread :)
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    Shanghai crowds

    I think theres been a thread to this somewhere..I definetly agree with you, the only match which had a crowd was the blake v nadal match (due to nadal's popularity) but other then that its been woeful.