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    Sergetti Stringing - WOW!

    String friction perhaps ;)
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    Chopping and slicing TGT291.2 to see how it's built.

    I saw up rackets quite often. I use an electronic jigsaw with a metal saw blade. Regards
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    Manually Measuring Swingweight

    No, sorry.
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    Which machine?

    Hey, Determine need (amount stringjobs) ==> Determine budget ==> Use forum search. If you buy cheap, you'll buy twice. Only as direction: Dropweight >500€; electric > 1500€ for a useful one.. regards Crazy
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    16 main 22 crosses on 18x20

    Apart from the weaving error at the 21st Cross ..... :X3:
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    16 main 22 crosses on 18x20

    I like the knots ;)
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    différences between head lite tour 660, pro tour lite XL 660 and tour lite XL 660?

    The post is a bit older, but for posterity I can still contribute a little. Firstly, your list of models is about 2 different rackets (mold / layup). On the one hand, the Lite Tour, is a sort of hairpin version of the Pro Tour 630 without weight, at the handle. This makes this racket very head...
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    The HEAD Twaron Club

    love these frames ;)
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    Cross tension always reads a lot lower

    Hey, I'll try again. If I understand you correctly, you want to know why the cross strings at a set tension on your machine, do not reflect that weight on the finished racquet measured with your tool. Also, you seem to be interested in finding out if you strung a racket with the correct...
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    Cross tension always reads a lot lower

    Why? I'm using a digital caliber to measure the length and the with before and after stringing. If it's the same the relation of main and cross tension is correct for me....
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    Cross tension always reads a lot lower

    Hey, this has been discussed countless times. it is basically a question of philosophy. I personally choose the tension of the mains ans crosses so that the racket has the same dimensions strung/unstrung. Regards
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    Electronic stringing machine

    Where did you come from WNB93?
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    Manually Measuring Swingweight

    Yes...... also the flex can be different...
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    This is my Boomstick!

    and what does it really do?