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    Head Prestige Classic 600 and Head Agassi Radical LE

    I have two racquets I'd like to sell as I'll be moving and just don't have space to take these on the flight. 1) Head Agassi Radical LE - Got it from TW when it was first released. Number 0662. Grip size looks to 3/8. I forgot, i'll see if I can dig up the old email. $50 shipped. Strung with...
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    Fs: 2 Head Microgel Prestige Midplus Mg Mp 4 1/4 8.5-9 Out Of 10! Pics!

    I looked for these for the longest time and got a couple on the bay 15 minutes before you posted this ad !!!! Would've preferred to buy it from here.
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    Nike Global Control crew and Generic white polo medium....CHEAP!!!

    I have a Nike Global Control crew shirt, the same as nadal wore in the Aussie's (diff colour and with sleeves)..i think moya wore this colour though. It's size M and a bit too big for me. For that reason , i've only worn this maybe 4-5 times. I'd rate it 9/10! Nikefit. Price: $20shipped...
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    Bosworth Leather Plus + Strings, Shirts : Europe / US

    So, I used to play tennis regularly up to last year and then I suffered a serious injury and had to take a break for a while and I have these remaining I have Bosworth Leather Plus grips. They are replacement grips which are supposed to a feel like leather. I have 6 of them. €10/$15 +...
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    Singapore F1 Grand Prix - night race

    I'm pretty excited for it as well. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I hope it's a good day for the tifosi.
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    The TT Football Club

    Did anyone watch Watford vs Reading ? What has the refereeing gone to ?
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    has been mentioned about 2011 times on the player resemblance thread.
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    You were playing tennis and you slid sideways. The shoe got destroyed but the good thing is you were okay.
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    Because earlier you had 1 page with most of the stuff, now you have 4 pages in your profile. 1 page = 1/2 ad, 4 pages = 8 ad. So, when you browse someone's profile, earlier if you saw their wall/profile etc you saw 1 ad(on the left side). Now there are 2 ads for each tab, so, when you see...
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    Where I live they show it on TV daily and the news as well. The athletes in the events are amazing.
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    plus a lot of Photoshop.
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    Someone ****ing Help!!! Barcelona, Spain

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    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    I'm done here. See ya.
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    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    Yeah, i know the Macbook Pros are metals but I said Macbooks(the white one, you know), I guess Macbooks don't have the flex protection you were talking about. I won't even go with the trackpad thing anymore.
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    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    That's what I've been trying to say, he doesn't want to agree.