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    FS: 2x Wilson Blade V7 16x19; 4 3/8; 8/10

    You sure you won’t ship os? Australia?
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    What went wrong at 40-15 for Federer?

    Totally agree with the above statement, had caught him hanging wide dozens of times in 5th set alone. Game of millimeters
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    Baller on a budget.

    Artemik have some great budget polys that play great.
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    How high can De Minaur climb?

    I didn't say he was a volleyer merely pointed out that he went to the net that many times and in my opinion that bodes well for him and a string he needs to add to his bow as he does not have the power to finish points from the baseline only. 24 times to net is alot of times to go to net for a...
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    How high can De Minaur climb?

    I think he will go far. Seppi is no slouch. He went into the net I think 24 times for 20 points won.... Not bad for a defensive baseline!!
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    In the hit with Novak he had castors shorts on too. I was at his hitting session.
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    Convince me to buy the RF97 tux version somebody. I need to spend money, stat!

    Tennis only has convinced me to get another 2 bumping my stock up to six. 4 tux 2 all black.
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    Any Prince Stencils in Early 2019?

    Tecnifibre need to try to poach Pouillie. Could really launch the brand to another level.
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    Sponsership changes in 2019?

    Looks like Sandgren is wearing LeTour shorts and socks at least.
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    Wanted Pro Staff 97S rackets grip 4-1/2

    I have 2 but I think they are first gen
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    Slice slice baby.

    Just a tip for those trying to perfect there slice. Go throw a Frisbee try to get the Frisbee to fly straight with no curve... Swing shape is very similar to a knife slice.
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    Over grips that look like leather ?

    Kimony Japan so a leather replacement grip.... It's not an overgrips per se but it is designed to make the grip size go down one size and I have found it to be about as thick as an overgrips... Maybe a touch thicker.
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    I'm starting a racquet company - how would you design your perfect racquet?

    Grip shape is very important for me. Wilson / prince /babolat shape for me or I can not use. Have tried unsuccessfully to use head/tecnifibre...can just never find that top bevel under pressure. Look forward to trying your new frames and if you are after a dealer in Aus let me know.
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    Has anyone ever used SpinGen?

    Have used it. Essentially putting the little diamond bites on the ball ala Alu rough. However it is too tedious to be bothered doing it regularly.
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    I'm starting a racquet company - how would you design your perfect racquet?

    I think it all looks great. Molds are easy to obtain racquet has been successful for other companies... I don't see why it couldn't work.