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  • SAP is a business software. I am an Engineering graduate. I am sorry to hear that. How many years is the course? If you have only the final exam to write, I hope you will be able to sort out your problems and write well. Never lose interest in it, after having invested lots of years in it. You gotta be interested :)

    "Missing" is an English film based on real life incidents, the missing of an American photographer. I haven't seen any Chilean films though I have seen few from LA. I loved "City of God", Brazilian film
    Yeah, it has taken a long time. Like, looooong. I actually did great while at university, never failed a class in the 5 years, but then I haven't been able to properly study for the bar exam... I kinda lost interest in the whole law thing and it's been a problem, among other things.

    I haven't seen the movie you mention. I can tell you my fave Chilean movies are Se Arrienda (must be called something like For Rent in English) and Machuca.

    What does SAP mean?.

    It was way back in 2013, that you told us this. I hope your personal issues will be solved soon as well. I am fine, I am a software engineer, SAP Consultant.

    I saw a film, "Missing" recently. Costa Gavras film that was banned during Pinochet rule. Was wondering you liked it? I always was a fan of Victor Jara
    Unfortunately not Feather. The whole bar exam process has been a mess, plus several personal issues... so I'm not sure how that'll go yet.

    Thanks for asking. How are you doing?.
    So you became a lawyer or still studying? I remember once we had a talk about educational systems in the world and you said something like this
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