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    Fast paced city or slow quiet one

    Looks great. C
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    Fast paced city or slow quiet one

    I like to live somewhere that has a nice outlook, whether it be close to the beach or mountains, has a decent city with all the necessary infrastructure, not too small so that you can have some privacy and anonymity, but still have a village, cafe feel to it as well. Currently live in a city...
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    Wilson Clash the Most Flexible Racket Ever Made?

    I think the new Donnay Allwood has an RA of 50.
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    Word Association!!

    We're going Hoppin
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    What did you last eat?

    Wheat bix cholesterol lowering with almond milk and cacoa powder and that's at 10 pm because I finished work at 9.30 pm
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    Another 60 hr work week

    It's OK to work 60 hours a week if you like doing it and you are making big money, but if it's stressing you and you are not happy then it's a lot harder to do. If you could choose an alternative, what would it be?
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    Fast paced city or slow quiet one

    ELO is the best: Night in the City- Out of the blue.
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    Fast paced city or slow quiet one

    Sydney where I am is quite a fast paced city that spans almost 80km until it gets to the escarpment of the beautiful Blue Mountains. If you are out this way check it out. I'm about the middle ring and it's leafy and not far from here you can buy semi rural properties. Traffic can get pretty bad...
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    Are you a forum expert ?

    Anyone out there posting right now. It's 2.03pm Sydney time very warm, just had lunch and about to head to the courts for a long stint of coaching till 9pm. I will be driving from court to court so when I stop the car will check the forum. Anyone out there on the other side of the world or nearby?
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    Are you a forum expert ?

    Are you stringing right now?
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    Are you a forum expert ?

    For those of you who post a lot, how do you find the time. Is at night when you get home, or are you retired or s student at uni who has there smart phone handy. How does it work for you. Just for the record, I'm in a waiting room getting ready for a CT scan on my big toe.
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    Wilson QC Fails Yet Again, Despite Paying Extra For Matched Racquet Specs!

    I would try Yonex, Volkl, Angell and Pacific if you are after better quality, and possibly Dunlop, maybe Tecnifibre.
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    Are you a forum expert ?

    The big difference this forum has over the other ones I've tried is that people are contributing from all over the world. One minute you are talking to someone from Norway, then India, Eastern Europe, U.S. Just to name a few.
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    Fast paced city or slow quiet one

    This thread is about discussing what type of town or city you like or think has the best going for it for whatever reason that is important to you. Here in Australia it's quite simple. We have 8 capital cities and many smaller regional centres. Sydney and Melbourne are far and away the largest...
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    Who had the better 2nd kick serve Federer or Sampras?

    Pete Sampras used to rate Wayne Arthurs as having the best kick serve.