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    Why is this section of the forum so negative now?

    There is a lot of unnecessary suffering and not enough happiness and we can can improve.
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    Racquets for the next decade!

    Almost at the end of the decade and everybody is 10 years older and a newer generation will get into tennis and buy a racquet. What do we see coming up with tennis racquets? In the past big moments were the change of standard wood and aluminium frames to graphite composites and mid plus. Then we...
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    Vegan Burger's Dominance....Meat is dead!

    Good for you, hope you are having an excellent day.
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    The Tennis World!

    Here's a general one: "How do you think tennis as a sport is going at both the pro level and in your own backyard"? What has been the major trend in the 20 teens and as we head for 2020 what is the likely scenario for tennis or what would you like to see happen. Tennis like many sports has to...
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    Are you getting better with life?

    Just a question about life: Are things improving for you or getting worse. What happened or what did to do to advance your life and happiness ? Are you optimistic about the future?
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    Why is this section of the forum so negative now?

    It's good to have robust debate although there are restrictions on many forums and people are passionate about what they believe in and will defend their views. Are people negative? Probably mor tend to be negative than positive in society because most of news reported about the media is...
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    Vegan Burger's Dominance....Meat is dead!

    Soy has been fortified with calcium and protein but the other alternatives are very low in protein and rice milk which is probably the worst is just flavoured water. These milk alternatives are very low in calcium and protein because that's how vegans want it. Long term use of alternative milks...
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    Vegan Burger's Dominance....Meat is dead!

    No I'm not, the term milk in conjunction with soy, almond, cashew and coconut is going to be banned here in Australia and be replaced with terms like soy extract beverage. Almond milk for example has none of the nutrients that dairy milk has including very low protein levels which is bad.
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    Vegan Burger's Dominance....Meat is dead!

    This is terrible, how dare they, it must be stopped immediately
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    Vegan Burger's Dominance....Meat is dead!

    I am deciding and I'm going to ban soy from being used in conjunction with the term burger and soy as milk as well, it's not milk.
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    Raw mushroom... Yummy!

    I can think of better things to eat raw than mushrooms such as a nice passion fruit or mango or an orange or watermelon. Cook your mushrooms instead and be careful if you are prone to gout.
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    Vegan Burger's Dominance....Meat is dead!

    A burger should in my opinion should have beef, lettuce, tomato, onion and beetroot with some sauce on some hot buns, not some rubbery soy product. A soy burger should not be allowed to be called a burger, it needs a name all of its own. Call it a soy boy roll. It's like milk, almond, coconut...
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    Is Volkl done with the C10 Pro?

    Volkl need to do this because many traditional Volkl fans are less happy with their V Feel frames in how they have deteriorated in the high level ( industry best standard) comfort and flex department. I used to recommend Volkl to people who had arm issues but at present its Pro Kennex or...
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    Yonex quality control

    Yes it's nice to be able to buy two frames that are identical in specs. I wonder whether Wilson can achieve that with the Clash series as they have struggled with their Blade CV and Ultra Series.
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    Wilson Steam 99S - Suitable for a player that don't play with so much spin

    The best way to decide is to ask yourself whether you like the feel of the racquet and is it comfortable for your arm. The other thing you could do is try some other frames out and make comparisons, which one do you like more for your style of game. Yes the steam 99 will help you get more spin...