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    Game the system or stop playing USTA?

    To the OP, You have not been playing USTA tennis long enough to have had sufficient experience with all the different personalities you run into and the fact that not all leagues and areas are of the same playing skill evven though they may have the same USTA rating. It is nice and more fun...
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    USTA flex

    You have identified why you were the only sign up at the 2.5 level: men don't play/don't consider themselves 2.5 players. Sign up at 3.0 or maybe even 3.5. You will probably get more matches at the 3.5 level but it depends on what you are comfortable with.
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    Out call questioning... Am I in the wrong here?

    I am well past the point of questioning calls in a purely casual/social match. A social or casual match presumes it is primarily for however if you think the other player is prone to making bad calls either purposely or erroneously and it bothers you then don't play games/sets with him or just...
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    Struggle with getting club members to sign up for league play

    It is not surprising there is difficulty getting players to join USTA teams. The level of motivation of recreational tennis players to join a USTA team is all over the map. There are a lot of posters on these boards that live for USTA tennis and sign up for as many teams as they can handle but...
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    Your biggest comeback/choke

    Playing in a USTA tournament a few years ago. Lost the first set 3-6 and was down 2-5 in the second set and my opponent is serving for the match. He had two match points on his serve and since I was expecting I was going to eventually lose I became more relaxed. I ended up winning the second...
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    The Thing A Captain Dreads Hearing . . .

    There is nothing obnoxious about the question. When you are asking someone to play doubles at the last minute why shouldn't they ask? I doubt that everyone on the team loves playing with everyone else and no one cares who there doubles partner is. No one wants to just show up at the match and...
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    Help With Pacific Blue Spiral Please

    I had basically the same experience with the Pacific Blue Spiral gut. I have used other Pacific guts and found them to be very good gut strings however I was not impressed with the Blue Spiral. It has the stiffest feel of any gut I have used. It continued to feel relatively stiff right up to...
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    Natural Gut String Ratings

    Yeah, I recall the USRSA string ratings typically rated VS as the best overall gut string. As with any string however it is a matter of personal preference. String ratings can be used as a genera guide but you need to try a couple of different ones to compare. One guy used to criticize VS...
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    Putting on overgrip for lefties?

    I have been installing my grips and overgrips by the prescribed lefty install method for many years. I cannot tell whether a grip/overgrip is installed the lefty or rightly way unless I look at it. The difference in feel is indistinguishable to me. I still do the lefty install primarily...
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    How easy is it to break a racket by stringing it?

    If someone somehow manages to break a structurally sound frame while stringing it they are either very inept or very careless. I think the only way I could break a frame while stringing it is if I deliberately tried to do it.
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    Foot faulting rules as a captain

    The old foot faulting dilemma again. I sure fire way to tick off someone real fast is to mention that they are foot faulting. The reaction by 98% of the recreational players is "What does it matter is someone steps on or slightly over the baseline on their serve? They are not getting any...
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    2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs Pool

    Interesting comment. I would think if this was correct that someone would have mentioned this small detail when talking about the Thrashers moving to Winterpeg. I have not seen any mention of this in the Winnipeg Free Press where they have been conducting a poll about what to name the team...
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    all polys suck :)

    This is the most sensible comment of this thread. I have played several poly strings over the past several years and know they lose playability comparatively very quickly. I wouldn't go so far as to say all polys suck but I agree that the vast majority of non-pros using them are not doing...
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    8.0 Mixed Teams should not allow 4.5 players

    Really? I never see that. The 3.5 woman still has to serve and return serves. The 4.5 guy can't help her with those shots. I see 4.5 man/3.5 woman teams that are competitive but they don't dominate to 4.0 players. Someone wrote a 5.0 man/3.0 woman as being a great 8.0 team. I have seen a...
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    Receiver Moves During Serve

    As someone mentioned you don't see these bush league antics from players with any amount of skill. I have not personally encountered any of these antics (that I am aware of) but it makes sense that players will do these things because they don't have enough tennis skill to beat their opponent...