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    Why do we tend to frame shots when we accelerate hard?

    I was going to say that, but you beat me to it. The difficulty of speeding up a "low to high" swing is one of the reasons it pays to generate topspin from (laugh, here goes) ISR immediately before and through contact. It's harder to learn but easier to time when changing swing speed.
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    Shoulder turn overrated on the serve?

    The question, whether a big rotation back of the shoulders matters, overlooks what really does matter. Also, in comparing the platform and pin-point servers, you're missing a key difference between those styles that matters, which is the orientation of their feet, which is always much more...
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    What muscles are key to hitting big forehands?

    Wish I had saved a link, but: Recent research on forehand velocity showed that strength was not very important. Form is what delivers it. The sequence of muscle actions in correct coiling and uncoiling, together with synchronized timing of actions which support each other in the forward...
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    Stop talking nonsense about being relaxed when hitting the ball !!!

    It's difficult to talk/write about tennis form without causing some confusion simply because terms and phrases are not commonly defined/trained. Here goes: To stay "relaxed" when hitting a forehand really does just mean "use the appropriate muscles at the appropriate time without unnecessary...
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    The Scapula in Tennis Strokes

    The retraction in the OHBH swing for power has this evidence: As you squeeze the shoulder-blades together, it accelerates both arms outward toward the side. It is that which causes essentially every OHBH player's off-side arm to automatically move out and up to the side in sync with what their...
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    If you're new to tennis, don't copy the professionals

    It stuns me how little use people make of high-speed-recording... slo-mo playback videos of pro strokes. First, if put up on a big computer monitor alongside each other, slowly using the "." key or spacebar, watching them in pairs, the commonalities are enormous and become clear if patience is...
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    The Scapula in Tennis Strokes

    The right scapula protraction happens automatically if we get the racquet back fully in the backswing. Scapular retraction, especially if well-timed, is a big contributor to RH speed out into contact. Whether looking at Guga or Justine, the final motion downward of the racquet just before/into...
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    Racquet Grip Sabotage

    Two assumptions seem off-base to me in the question posed. The first is that taking one's FH or BH grip is difficult to do repeatedly accurately. It seems to me good players starting with two hands on the racquet have multiple points of feel to determine their hand placement. There are...
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    Supination hand injury

    I would suppose we can agree that the problem the poster described, about his hand, isn't about rotating his hand, but about the effect which rotating his forearm or upper arm has on his hand. I haven't seen a good player that rotates only his forearm without the elbow rotating, but I may have...
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    Supination hand injury

    I'm not sure why you would supinate the hand to generate topspin. It seems to me you can supinate the forearm, but it won't generate topspin. Assuming you do "put your racquet into lag, lay back your wrist" at the start of forehand forward motion, as people are wont to say it (as a way to say...
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    corona wall hitting

    One day after hearing the song "America the Beautiful" the late columnist Art Buchwald wrote "I dream of a freedom-loving land of majestic purple mountains, fruitful fields, blue skies and clear waters. I dream of...Switzerland.
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    Patting the Dog (FH question)

    A dog person, actually. When I pet my dog it doesn't resemble any part of a good forehand. A pool person? Yes! Near the bottom of the arm-straightening (or hitting hand lowering...), I roll my arm and scoop like a splash. Laugh. Macci must not have spent much time in the pool as a kid?
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    Patting the Dog (FH question)

    Allow me to offer a different point of view: I think the "pat the dog" image is misleading and pointless. There is no dog. There is no patting. There are great forehand video examples in slow motion of Delpo, Fed, Tsisipas, et al available. They're worth viewing to see what they have in...
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    Club, Facility, and Camp re-opening protocols.

    Seems sensible. Outdoors, assuming sunlight, bench surfaces and armrests should be sanitized by the sunlight, no? Tennis balls must be dry, else every hit will leave spray on the hitter, so big sweat guys should towel off extra-frequently. New balls every set wouldn't be a bad thing.
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    Accuracy and hitting the spots

    Usually, it seems, they are just talking about how Fed hits his spot when serving. This is a way of explaining to the public how it is that Roger wins so many service games without the blinding speed and heaviness of a Sampras serve. Other than serving, the spots are easy to list: Deep in the...