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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    I occasionally come across your weather-related comments, but the 60th parallel baffled me. I though you were alternately in Denmark or Spain. 60th is southern Norway or central Sweden. I went many years between Stockholm and Spain, now Eastern US and Spain, so the temp/humidity variation and...
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    I have to laugh. Sympathetically. In Beaumont it's not climate change. It's just the climate. It's been soggy, humid, flood-ridden... forever.
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    Why do carbs make me fat?

    Over the last 50 years food became cheaper relative to incomes worldwide. Packaging and marketing, together with greatly increased fast-food locations, made "extra" eating more convenient. But wait, there's more: When I was a middle- and high-school student the government put out a Food...
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    Taking Advil/Motrin before playing?

    There are at least two physicians regularly commenting on this board. Combined with anecdotal experiences of players the board is often useful. JMV.
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    Forehand Advice

    I assume you can find 30 minutes to try a few things. I can tell you how to settle your grips and generate good power. To be brief, though, I must be doctrinaire and blunt, and also refer you to YouTube videos of your choice of pro player to see a reasonable combination of footwork, timing...
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    How do You find/feel your forehand grip?

    Your grips have to provide multiple tactile clues, I think. Perhaps my grips are idiosyncratic? Racquet's grips are leather 3/8, one Wilson Pro overgrip. FH: Eastern. My first pointing-finger knuckle is at the far side of bevel 3. The butt cap right bevel (corner) (looking at bevel 1) is...
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    Shot Tolerance: The Elephant in Tennis Tips/Instruction

    Oh Wise One, perhaps you missed the point of my post: Technique is important. Good modern technique is flexible, in that each element can be varied to produce a variety of responses to a give type of ball. Footwork has to be freed from basic stroke technique, which is why modern technique...
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    French coaches

    Marion Bartoli one a major. She was coached by her father. I assume he is French. I think we have clarified that French women are more interesting than French men. Is this the reason so many French women leave France. Just a matter of curiosity.
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    Is it rude to dropshot old people?

    Personally, I'm against dropshotting the elderly. If you must, though, please use a very flexible racquet with loose stringing. I would also limit this to grass courts. They'll get a softer landing. From another point of view: I play a very soft game against the more decrepit members during...
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    Rublev as a Backhand Model

    There is nothing unique about Rublev's backhand, or his forehand for that matter. What is beautiful is how deeply grooved it is, how utterly confident he is to hit full-out, without restraint, and on both sides. What Rublev has is a good neural system. Also, he shows no sign whatever that he...
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    What happens around 60?

    "Lord, save me from my sinning... but not yet." St. Thomas Aquinas
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    OK, it took me a minute, but now I get it: The theory must be that if a husband can't hear but can, well, do that, then more marriages might last longer? (NPI)
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    It is curious to note that hearing aids are not covered by health insurance and the ACA, but that Viagra is. So it's less important that you can hear than that you can, well, you know...
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    Didn't think of the "pejorative" aspect, though I see it now. I primarily was simply seeking an explanation for so many supportive comments for the financial arrangements of the US healthcare system, which is unjust compared to any other developed nation. It is true, though, that both the...
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    That is not "the market at work." That is US residents having to pursue extreme measures because the market in the US is heavily rigged by industry-purchased statutes and congressional (tax-payer) coverage of many large industry costs.