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    Speed Pro 2022 reviews

    I just got a Speed Pro and it’s a fine racquet. If you told me it’s the only racquet I could play for the rest of my life, I’d be okay with that. However it doesn’t wow me or excite me in any particular manner. It’s just a fine racquet. Volleys well, forehands well, OHBHs fine, serves good...
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    Shot making racket?

    If you’re asking for a racquet that is easy to use with big power, the Pure Drive is an obvious answer. I think 101-107” or so racquets are very under utilized by the rec crowd as well. With new technology they’re better than the Walmart brand sticks from 20 years ago. I’m tempted to try the...
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    Ram left off US Davis Cup Team

    Not sure who you’re referring to. I personally think it’s more than a bit silly to pledge a flag, however, I don’t mind standing for the singer themselves. They should get respect for putting themselves out there like that especially for little to no pay.
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    Ram left off US Davis Cup Team

    Clearly I didn’t put you on ignore. That’s how. You manage to make some halfway decent posts sometimes, more than when you first joined at least. So I’m glad I didn’t.
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    Ram left off US Davis Cup Team

    Because every white guy who does it doesn’t get blasted for it? Just the other day John Mellencamp sat during the NFL’s anthem playing and conservative outlets had a field day with him. You don’t get whiter than the Cougar.
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    Been cheating on my racquets with my buddy’s Gravity Pro. It’s sort of been awesome. I just got one in an auction pretty cheap and it arrived today just before my Har Tru match. I absolutely demolished the ball. 6-3, 6-4 and then a bonus set, 6-4 again. Measured out to 336 Swing weight with...
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    Opponent's racquet hits my racquet

    I’d think common sense dictates the exact opposite. You’re making a play on the ball. Your opponent is interfering with it by positioning his racquet so close to yours before he even knows what play he’ll have available.
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    Rafa and Novak have 200 matches left, probably less

    Just gonna lead to people claiming Zverev or Medvedev are the greatest ever. The ridiculousness will never die.
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    4 point differential in swingweight is nothing from the manufacturing perspective. 4 points at 290 or what it’s supposed to be, is around a 1.5% variance. Beyond that, if you consider one is maybe 2 pts below spec and the other only 2 pts above spec then you’re talking about Yonex missing the...
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    Which do you think is more powerful- Pure Drive or Ezone?

    I think he meant the vote split would be similar… clearly leaning the other direction though.
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    Ball selection before a social match

    Looks like your being dense just for the sake of giving him trouble. It’s abundantly clear where @Slicehand is coming from.
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I cancelled my gravity pro MRT order due to excessive wait times and picked up a perfect condition used one on **** for very cheap. My localish shop was running 20% off on absolutely everything today so I picked up a pair of Speed Pros. Man is the quality control abysmal to this Yonex guy...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Played a match tonight 6-2 6-1 with my Ezone 98. lots of good forehand winners, serve aces, and borderline stupid second serves that just somehow caught the edges and bounced way high and wide. However my pride and joy came in the third set fun set, the bonus set when you paid for 90 minutes...
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    Novak new Racqet ???

    He’s definitely a bit rough around the edges but also incredibly helpful. considering how many posters here are absolute jerks and not helpful in the least, I’ll take the good Dr to stay.