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    Thiem and Medvedevs Rackets

    @travlerajm I've heard round 325-335sw. No confirmations yet, though.
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    Kyrgios racket spec.?

    Kyrgios strung spec: 325sw, 31.4bal, 343g. Posted multiple times on Stringforum
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    Dustin Brown moves to Head like countryman Struff and both move up

    Dustin just switched to a Yonex. Strings with Poly Tour Pro. Estimated strung specs: 365sw, 33.4bal, 350g.
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    Iga Swiatek - Prince racquet

    I will never understand why top pro players change a winning setup for money. Ferrer did this too. I would rather win without a racquet sponsorship than lose with one
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    Murray PT57A-2 is switching to XL +10mm??

    Great decision for Murray to start playing around with specs. He needs something that helps him finish points more offensively to compensate for his slower movement. He should change his swingweight along with extending the length. The setup that worked for him in 2016 won't work now.
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    Iga Swiatek - Prince racquet

    Muguruza actually has a SW around 340
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    Iga Swiatek - Prince racquet

    How a racquet feels to swing is less about weight and more about swingweight and balance. Great results for Iga this French!
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    Reilly Opelka racket

    Probably round 325 sw, with the few grams to match frames...which makes sense. Pretty slappy player on the forehand side.
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    Bigger sized head racquet for Wawrinka ?

    I once spoke to Roman P. about the topic of changing racquets and specs to fit the times. He mentioned that he had been trying to get Berdych to switch to a lighter frame for the last few years of his career (used 360sw, ~370g) and what he was using was too comfortable for him, he was unwilling...
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    Bigger sized head racquet for Wawrinka ?

    Murray and Djoko both use 95s...
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    Lightest swingweight on ATP tour?

    I hate to bring back the concept of SW1 and SW2 from @travlerajm ;) but that is essentially what we have going on here. SW1 would be the range of light swingweights from 300s-320s. Contains: Holger Rune - 315 Liam Broady - 315 Yoshihito Nishioka - 315 Adrian Mannarino - 325 Nick Kyrgios - 325...
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    Lightest swingweight on ATP tour?

    Holger Rune, up and coming player ranked around 500 also uses 314sw strung. All a lower swingweight means is you have to compensate for the loss in power with RHS. It does not inherently mean it is more or less suitable to the pro game.
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    Lightest swingweight on ATP tour?

    Nishioka. Tested by M&C last year.